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The United States Presidents yes
The United States Vice-Presidents yes
Supreme Court Justices yes
Annan, Kofi yes
Arafat, Yasir (Yasser) yes
Ashcroft, John yes
Barak, Ehud yes
Bush, George H. New World Order Speech yes
Bush, George W.     Cabinet Members yes
Carter, James E. yes
Castro, Fidel yes
Cheney, Richard yes Profile-PDF, BBC Profile
Clinton, William J.    Inaugural Address yes
Ford, Gerald R. yes
Friedman, Milton yes yes Interview  Profile-PDF
Gephardt, Richard Profile-PDF   Interview-PDF
Gingrich, Newt Profile-PDF  Interview-PDF
Gore, Albert yes
Hayek, Friedrich von yes yes yes Profile-PDF
John Birch Society yes
Johnson, Lyndon B. yes
Karzai, Hamid BBC Profile
Kennedy, John F.   Inaugural Address yes
Kennedy, Robert F. yes
Kennedy, Ted yes
Keynes, John Maynard yes yes yes Profile-PDF
King, Martin Luther    Feature yes
Nixon, Richard M. yes
Peres, Shimon yes
Powell, Colin yes
Reagan, Ronald W.  Inaugural Address yes
Roosevelt, Franklin D.  3rd Inaugural Address yes
Rumsfeld, Donald H. yes
Sharon, Ariel yes
Schultz, George Profile-PDF
Thatcher, Margaret yes Profile-PDF
Yergin, Daniel Profile-PDF
Volcker, Paul Interview-PDF
Wolfensohn, James Interview-PDF

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