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Sample Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper

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Dear Editor;

The inter-related crimes of psychotronic abuse and gangstalking are what are considered "new crimes". That means that, because a small percentage of the population is being affected and because the technologies used have rarely been heard of, that these crimes go on undetected and are of no or little priority.

Yet, the victims of these crimes live in a virtual hell. They are constantly monitored and electronically harassed. Because there is no way for them to "track down" the electronic signals being used against them (typically microwave), the crimes go unabated for years. Victims often become physically ill, financially distressed and are increasingly alienated from friends and family

The evidence is clear: crimes using advanced psychotronics are on the increase as more and more people discover the source of their problem.

There is proof that these directed energy devices can cause fatigue, dizziness, a sudden marked degradation of eyesight (List of symptoms) - even hearing voices. All caused by the abuse of psychotronic technology.

I strongly urge you to consider giving the issues of Psychotronic/Directed Energy abuse and gangstalking more coverage in your publication. Abuse by these means is devastating for its victims. Most people don't ever discover that they are being attacked - they think their health has simply gone bad.

With just a little public awareness, and awareness by police and public health officials, thousands of people could be helped today. Thousands more cases could be prevented in the future.



PS. For more info, go to Among other things, you'll find a 13 column series by the Napa Sentinel that I think you'll find interesting.


Go to a search engine such as Google and perform a search for the newspaper. Or, put in your city name followed by the words newspaper and editorial.

Then, go to the "Contact" or "Opinions" section of the site.You'll typically find the name of the Managing Editor as well as the "Opinions" and letter to the editor contact.

For the most part, it's more important to inform these editors because they probably don't know these crimes exist. By informing them, they'll keep their eyes open for stories - keeping what you've told them in mind. This could lead to much more coverage in the future.

Try to keep letters to the editor to 200 words or less if you expect them to get printed.

Another idea: Contact a particular writer who you believe would be interested in the facts about these crimes. Send them updates (once ever week or two, for example) and keep the subjects of psychotronic abuse, directed energy devices and gangstalking on their minds.

Keep track of who you contact and when. This way, you can keep track of you contacted them, and what info you've already provided so you'll be sure to present them with something new.

Remember: These people are professional journalists, interested in well founded stories. Challenge their minds, not their integrity.


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