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Dear Senator Murray;

The often inter-related crimes of psychotronic abuse and gangstalking are what are considered "new crimes". That means that, because a small percentage of the population is being affected and because the technologies used have rarely been heard of, that these crimes go on undetected and of no or little priority.

To compund the problem, it is so unheard of that most people who are affected never know that it was the cause of their failing health, financial distress and alienation from friends and family.

The evidence is clear: crimes using advanced psychotronics are on the increase as more and more people discover the source of their problem. There is proof that these directed energy devices can cause fatigue, dizziness, a sudden marked degradation of eyesight (List of symptoms) - even hearing voices. All caused by the abuse of psychotronic technology.

This abuse is carried out by "vigilante groups", employees of corporations under contract with the U.S. Government for development of such devices and weapons using them without authorization, Coporations conducting non-consensual experimentation of these devices on U.S. Citizens and other individuals, and U.S. Inteliigence agencies conducting both non-consensual experimentation and actual surveillance upon U.S. Citizens as allowed by law for what is deemed reasons of national security.

Yet, the victims of these crimes live in a virtual hell. They are constantly monitored and electronically harassed. Because there is no way for them to "track down" the electronic signals being used against them (typically microwave), the crimes go un unabated for years.

I strongly urge you to consider giving the issues of Psychotronic/Directed Energy abuse and gangstalking more consideration in the focus of your work.

With just a little public awareness, and awareness by police and public health officials, thousands of people could be helped today. And thousands more cases could be prevented in the future.

Please do the right thing and by enacting legislation making it illegal for Federal authorities, whether intelligence or local law enforcement agencies, to use this technology to torment citizens for any reason.

It is unfortunate and disappointing to believe that activities of this kind are occurring, particularly those activities carried out by the Federal Government against its own citizens.

People who experience abuse can only wonder who it could possibly be who makes the decision to destroy their lives, presumably with the interest of national security in mind.

For more information I highly recommend that you read the materials at It contains materials documenting the development and application of these technologies by the U.S. Government and private Corporations under contract to the U.S. Government from reliable sources of information such as CNN, The Department of Defense, U.S. News & World Report and others. It also contains links to a wide variety of anecdotal accounts of what victims experience on a daily basis.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the phone number or email address given.

I would very much appreciate hearing where you stand on the issue of Federal testing of psychotronics and directed energy devices.





You'd be amazed how much Senators and Representatives, and the members of their staffs don't know about a variety of what would be called grassroots and emerging issues.

They rely on citizens to gain their attention by causing many citizens to contact them and tell them what their concerns are.

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Always ask for them to respond to your inquiries.

You may use the sample letter to send to your elected official.

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