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Russian Scientist Igor Smirnov Describes Russian Psychotronic Technology

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  Published: December 22, 1998 German ZDF TV
Russian Scientist Igor Smirnov Describes Russian Psychotronic Technology

Implications in Waco


SECRET RUSSIA PART 2 OF 3 (1 & 3 are irrelevant): MOSCOW: THE "ZOMBIES" OF THE RED CZARS CREDITS: Second part of a three-part German documentary, titled: "Geheimes Ruland. Moskau -- Die Zombies der roten Zaren" [translation: "Secret Russia. Moscow -- The zombies of the red czars"]

Part (1) and part (3) of this documentary do NOT deal with Mind Control or Psychotronic Weapons & techniques. CREDITS for part (2) of the documentary translated here: A documentary by Jerzy Sladkowski, edited by Agnieszka Bojanowska, camera by Nikolaj Sidortschenko, producer Horst Kalbus, a production by Besta Film, Warschau, Stanislaw Krzeminski. Financed by (the German TV channel) ZDF and (the ??? TV channel) TVP, in close coperation with (the French/German TV channel) Arte.

The documentary aired on the German ZDF Tuesday evening, December 22, 1998, from 10:15pm until 11:00pm.

A VHS copy of the documentary is available from the German TV-station ZDF for the equivalent of 80 DM (approximately 40 Euros) plus shipping & mailing charges. To order, be sure to mention the title and the precise date the documentary was shown on German TV (see above). The address is: ZDF Programmverwertung Postfach 4040 55100 Mainz West-Germany


The spelling of all Russian names, places, locales and words is to be regarded as "experimental" and possibly incorrect. The translator.


NARRATOR: The Kremlin. Until shortly the symbol of absolute power. The dream of the red czars was a disciplined society they could completely control. This dream once inspired George Orwell to write his darkly futuristic novel, "1984". Autumn 1998, and [now] there is a new crisis in Russia. Years after the collapse of communism the citizens are crushed as much by the economic collapse as they are crushed by the aftermaths of the more than seven decades lasting old system. It was like a net of blunt force and secret control which constrained the citizens. Some of these methods, like the Stalinistic camps, were reported all over the world. Others even its victims only report very rarely. In this country, many see themselves as victims: Victims of armed conflicts or political repression. Victims of secret psychiatric experiments or the constant fear of the "big brother".

[A young man is shown. He is in a wheelchair and has bandages all over his head. An old lady, presumably an assistant to Dr. Smirnov, attaches electrodes to various parts on his head and body.]

NARRATOR: This young man is a victim of the war in Tschetschenia. A soldier who could escape from the surrounded Grosnie.

MAN IN WHEELCHAIR: "Mama has cried. She thanks you for everything you have done for us."

NARRATOR: Only a year ago, due to his war trauma, Sasha could neither talk nor move on his own. He had eye and hearing disturbances. Traditional psychiatry had given him up as a hopeless case and condemned him to vegetate in a closed asylum.

OLD WOMAN [asks Man In Wheelchair]: "Is it conformable for you like this ? You can sit calmly this way and rest your head." [The man in the wheelchair is seated in front of a computer screen].

NARRATOR: Soon yet another session of a treatment will start which eventually will completely heal the young man. The instrument of this treatment is a computer program which has been individually tailored to each patient. Over a system of impulses it directly acts on his subconscious. Its inventor refers to this treatment as "Psycho-Correction".

With this therapy the ruins of the psyches of a human are patched up again, a human who has experienced more than he can handle. The numbers on the screen are meant to engage the conscious (part of the mind) to divert attention from the real communication between computer and subconscious.


NARRATOR: This technique, which is healing Sasha, has been developed by Dr. Igor Viktorovitsch Smirnov, (spelling ???) member of the Academy of Sciences, grandson of a famous [representative] KGB chief, born in a Stalinistic prison. Today, he is one of the most important Russian psychiatrists and famous not only in Russia. His services were even employed by the FBI, which Russian television proudly reported in spring 1993.

REPORTER (Different Speaker): Waco, Texas: Law enforcement authorities have surrounded the compounds of a fanatic cult of David Koresh who did not want to surrender. The negotiations have reached a stalemate. The FBI turns to Moscow scientist Igor Smirnov. This respectable bureaucracy took his ability to directly influence the subconscious of the cult members very seriously. At the location Dr. Smirnov introduced a plan by which the cult members were to be "softened up" before the final confrontation.

DR. SMIRNOV: I wanted to use an appeal by close relatives, from (the cult member's) children and parents. Such as, "Mama come out. We love you very much and are waiting for you." In this fashion I wanted to directly reach [target] every known member of the cult individually in this building. With the help of computer programs these appeals were to be turned into a sound-like signal. While the conscious mind will not recognize these signals the unconscious will react to it. This was to minimize the danger of preventing extreme situations from developing, including a tragic outcome.

NARRATOR: Via radio, television and telephone lines, the cult of David Koresh was to be subjected to subliminal psychological pressures. But the FBI was also under pressure. Smirnov was not able to carry out the plan.

DR. SMIRNOV: Three days after our agreement with the chief of the technical services of the FBI, the Americans suddenly changed their decision to wait for one week, which I had asked for so everything could be installed. And they used only one of the agreed upon components, that is, the appeals of close relatives. But in a completely open manner. They installed loudspeakers and began to broadcast everything openly [i.e., in the normal audio mode]. And then the tragedy happened. [The burning of the David Koresh's compound in Waco, Texas, is shown.]

NARRATOR: This is when the public found out for the first time what the mysterious professor occupies himself with. In addition to hundreds of new patients from all over Russia, clients with completely different needs also started to contact him.

INTERVIEWER (asks Dr. Smirnov): Are you or have you ever been contacted by politicians to help them get elected ?

DR. SMIRNOV: But of course. Just now a new wave of approaches has began. There are going to be presidential elections soon. Our Russian politicians are uneducated and uncivilized. That's why they are such a ruthless and manipulative pack. They don't recoil from attempting to exploit the entire population with technical means, such as ours, only to reach the desired office. I do not advocate supporting this pack. I will never do that under any circumstances.

INTERVIEWER (asks Dr. Smirnov): Is this even possible technically ?

DR. SMIRNOV: Yes. We have conducted experiments with groups of young volunteers. In situations where an immediate decision has to be reached, the group behavior can be changed with a high degree of probability.

[CUT TO: Two men, outside: One in a jeans jacket, another in a suit. Both are nervously smoking a cigarette.]

NARRATOR: The man wearing the jeans jacket views himself as an unwitting victim of considerably less harmless experiments: Nicolai Ivanitsch Anisinov (spelling ???), a former dissident and prisoner of the KGB. Today he is the representative of the "Moscow Zombies". These people have the habit of constantly watching over their back. They often change their address. They do not trust anyone, whether with or without reason. On their shoulders rests the shadow of the Soviet past.

NARRATOR (continued): There are thousands of such people in Moscow. This includes victims of "secret experiments", as they say, and victims of the fear of the allmight of an Orwellian "thought police". These victims are represented by Nicolai Ivanitsch (spelling ???). This is the site where the office of this organisation used to be. One year ago, the Soviet authorities withdrew their permit. [Close-up of the man in suit smoking a cigarette]

NARRATOR (continued): The man with the cigarette watches to make sure they no longer enter the building. This organisation has over a thousand members and receives letters from all over Russia. A few dozens every week. Nicolai Ivanitsch now holds his meetings every Wednesday on this street corner. But only a few show up at these meetings. Many are still afraid. And many simply do not have the strength. The authorities ignore the problem of the Zombies. Comments [information ; details] were refused. For the majority of the population it remains a somehow uncomfortable [undefinable] secret.

[Cut to a science laboratory]

NARRATOR: Secrecy also surrounds this Moscow research laboratory of which it is not known who finances it. This film was recorded three years ago for a Russian documentary which the Russian television station was suddenly ordered to withdraw without being given a reason. The scientists here do not exactly push themselves in front of the camera. The laboratorist introduces herself as Vera".

[A man lying on his back is being rolled into a huge sphere. Vera, a female laboratorist, speaks to the camera:]

VERA: So, our machine corrects the human biofield. It not only corrects it but heals it as well. For every patient we put together an individual therapy program.

NARRATOR: In every case Vera refers to the experimental volunteer as a "patient", even though the laboratory is not a scientifically [recognized] establishment.

VERA: Currently with this device, AL-015-T, we can transfer every known medication to the patient.

RUSSIAN INTERVIEWER (asks Vera ): The walls of this room are so shielded. What physical processes occur here ?

VERA: Yes, we shield every human which does not have anything to do with our therapy or our illnesses from the effects of this machine. Because everything has its own radiation. We protect both the humans as well as ourselves.

RUSSIAN INTERVIEWER (asks Vera ): You refer to this cassette as a program. But there's some type of a fluid inside it ?

VERA: This is the programator.

RUSSIAN INTERVIEWER (asks Vera ): What is that ?

VERA: Hmm, we will reveal this once it has been patented.

RUSSIAN INTERVIEWER (asks Vera ): In other words, a type of fluid which contains some kind of information ?

VERA: Correct. This is an information programator.

RUSSIAN INTERVIEWER (asks Vera ): And this will then be transferred [(?) inserted electronically (?) ] into the body of the patient ?

VERA: Yes.

INTERVIEWER (asks Vera ): Could you explain this again ?

VERA: With your permission, I will not do that. [i.e, explain it again]

[CUT to man lying under a huge hemispherical device.]

NARRATOR: This type of research was once controlled by the communists. Today the same scientists operate in a lawless environment for the free (unregulated) market.

CUT TO DR. SMIRNOV [wearing a black suit and tie]

DR. SMIRNOV: What we do here and have implemented for some time, could from a certain point of view, appear as a weapon. In most countries this is heavily regulated and prohibited. In Russia, until now you can do everything you want. The only barrier is the ethic of those who possess this technology.


NARRATOR: In Russia, the methods by which the human soul and body can be manipulated by electronic means, even from a distance, are called "Psychotronic treatment".

[A cheaply constructed headgear is shown.]

NARRATOR: This is a self-fabricated headgear against low electromagnetic frequencies. Tenants of these apartments have voiced complaints which are said to be symptomatic of victims of psychotronic experiments. One of them is Yirena Koslova (spelling ???). We visit her together with the electronic engineer Andre Slepucha (spelling) ....end 1 He alleges that the KGB already experimented on him during the 1950's.

Fact is, at that time Andre was a prisoner of the Stalinistic camps and the KGB. Yirena Koslova sleeps in this cage to protect herself against the exterior effects of psychotronic influences. When she notices our expressions of disbelief she shows us an attestation from the International Center of Psychiatry which certifies that she is psychologically perfectly healthy. Yirena used to work for the Moscow district attorney. She was fired after she protested against the suppression of politically sensitive evidence.

YIRENA: Without this technology, I would already be lying in the cemetery. When they start to pound your brain, you feel as if you are weightless, for a few days thereafter. If you move your head too fast and abruptly, you become dizzy.

ANDRE SLEPUCHA: In the first two, three years, you don't particularly notice the effects of a psychotronic treatment. But only then the organism gets shaken up and a strong reaction of all organs begins. (to YIRENA:) What is wrong in your case ? Is it the kidneys, the heart ? Do you have heart problems ?

YIRENA: Well, they do it so that everything is swinging. It starts to hammer and flutter.

ANDRE SLEPUCHA: An arrhythmia. This is typical.

YIRENA: Either they cause a sharp pain or it starts to flutter.

ANDRE SLEPUCHA: This is a reaction to a radiation of approximately 3 MHZ. This affects the centers which control the heart functions.

YIRENA: It causes a state in which the heart becomes [feels] very heavy and you can't do anything anymore. Everything falls out of your hands. Suddenly it hurts here and there. But when you go see a doctor he doesn't find anything. Strange things.

ANDRE SLEPUCHA: Anything possible can happen.

YIRENA: You are completely incapacitated and completely unable to do anything. But then you go see a doctor and there is nothing.


NARRATOR: As we leave Yirena's home we are apprehended with the question whether it is even possible to cause such considerable strong reactions of the body by manipulating the psyches from a distance. We ask Professor Smirnov whether he ever encountered such a case during his long years of clinical practice.


DR. SMIRNOV: I once watched a 52 year old (female) patient, who was a very well known doctor with academic degrees and titles. Within one week she suddenly lost her hair, nails, eyelashes, eyebrows and teeth. She completely lost her ability to move, except for her right hand. She started making unarticulated sounds which remotely sounded like language.

Using her [partially unaffected right] hand to communicate by making small notes onto a paper she was able to explain to us that this was the result of a violation [attack] of a psychotronic weapon.

Officially she was diagnosed as suffering from a destruction of the vessels in the cerebrum [frontal lobe] of the brain. But [such vessels] did [do] not exist there. And by which means did their destruction occur so suddenly ? Here we seriously have to consider the possibility whether there might not be someone evil who is secretly radiating, perhaps the neighbors next door, with radioactive Cobalt.


NARRATOR Andre Slepucha demonstrates the means by which he tries to protect himself against unwanted outside influences. The authors of the documentary hired by the Russian television [station] referred him to us as a credible victim of psychotronic abuse. He is also the author of several publications on this subject.

ANDRE SLEPUCHA These are so-called elements [parts] for the personal protection against psychotronic treatments [ psychotronic weapons]. Here on the arms I have certain sensors. Also, on this hand, and also, here at knee level. They are all connected together to an electrical system. This box is the size of a transistor receiver. The thing is, the psychotronic treatment of the brain is being carried out with radiowaves of a specific frequency and a very wide bandwidth. A psychotronic generator is often directly connected to the [consumer] supply outlets, especially onto the telephone network, the radio network, and similar networks. In this case you must, to simplify this, connect certain filters for these arriving messages. I can show them to you.

NARRATOR: Andre shows us his home which he has transformed into a fortress to defeat psychotronic signals. With the means available to him he has constructed filters for all entrances of the supply networks, for the telephone [networks], radio [networks] and electricity [networks].

Experts have confirmed that one can indeed protect oneself with such means [devices / instruments] against extreme, low-frequency electromagnetic waves [ELF's], which may have possible negative effects on the organism. The question remains: Who could be interested in harassing this old man ? Is he today really the victim of secret [psychiatric] experiments or [rather] the victim of an exaggerated paranoia which has its roots in his persecution during the days of Stalin ?

ANDRE SLEPUCHA: This here is my laboratory, or more specifically, my workshop. Here I try to construct the devices I told you about to help those people who have grievances [complaints] due to psychotronic treatments [psychotronic weapons].

NARRATOR: Andre Slepucha explains to us which changes have to be made on a simple transistor so it can be used as a measuring instrument for extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves [ELFs]. He connects it to a metal band on his wrist so that it forms a closed circuit and turns it on to discover if a source of a so-called psychotronic treatment is nearby. [A nondistinctive rushing sound is heard in the device]

ANDRE SLEPUCHA There is a psychotronic generator at work !

NARRATOR: Let us assume this is really so. Who is then behind it ?


DR: SMIRNOV: Russia holds the first place with regards to the annually produced [created] computer viruses. This implies that we have colossal numbers of scarily active and very inventive brains for whom there is no demand and who find their self-fulfilment in producing evil. The unrestrained development of the psychotronic technology can today be compared to the condition of, lets say, the nuclear research [when it was still] in its very infancy.

CUT TO A GROUP OF TRAINEES WATCHING A FILM NARRATOR: We are searching for explanations in secret film material made available to us. They are information and teaching films which were produced under orders from the Russian Interior Ministry. [CUT to close-up of the film] These films confirm the existence of psychotronic generators as well as their dangers. 1st RUSSIAN

NARRATOR FROM RUSSIAN INTERIOR MINISTRY FILM: Time and again, the development [construction] of different psychotronic generators has proved fatal for their inventors. Not in every case, but certainly often enough to be relevant statistically.

2nd RUSSIAN NARRATOR FROM RUSSIAN INTERIOR MINISTRY FILM: There are four main stages [in the symptoms suffered as a result to the exposure to a psychotronic generator [device] ]: The first is a general feeling of unwellness, a weakening of the functions [of the organs/of the brain (?)]. The second is the loss of logic. The third is the loss of spacial orientation. The fourth is the loss of consciousness.


NARRATOR: Another archive film shows a deserted laboratory for psychotronic experiments in the town of Selenoga (spelling ???). The commentator explains that in this case, it was not the crazy experimenters who became victims of their own work but a family with four children who [had] lived in a neighboring [adjourning] home. All of them [suddenly] got ill and died. The only lead which remains of the scientists who are now wanted by the police are a Buddha figure and photos from a study excursion [trip] to Tibet. The identity of those who financed their research is also unknown.


NARRATOR: The coal mines of Vorkuta (spelling ???) from the days of the Stalinistic persecution. This panorama reminds millions of Russians of the worst moments in the history of their country. André Slepucha owns yet another souvenir from his days in the [Stalinistic concentration] camps.

ANDRE SLEPUCHA: In November 1954 I came into contact with what today is referred to as [a] "Psychotronic Treatment" for the first time. Back then they took me out of the concentration camp where, under Stalin, I had been imprisoned as a political prisoner, and brought me into an isolation cell in the KGB prison which was located in the Lubyanka. After an approximately two week long continuous occupation of the cell I suddenly experienced in the morning strong sounds in the head, very strong acoustic and visual hallucinations.

NARRATOR: Since the 1970's it is no longer a secret that the Soviet Intelligence Services experimented with the psyches of its imprisoned dissidents. But Slepucha also points out a more recent example of a possible psychotronic manipulation which involved top [Russian] government officials.

ANDRE SLEPUCHA: The former chief of [Boris] Yeltsin's bodyguards, Alexander Vasilivitch Korjakov (spelling ???), said in February 1991 on the radio, [that] they were outraged, because next to Yeltsin's office they had discovered a room with a great number of electronic devices. When they moved the panels, they also discovered in Yeltsin's office certain specific antennas [related to psychotronic generators and weapons].


NARRATOR: At the Pushkin memorial, in the center of Moscow, some who believe themselves to be victims of psychotronic treatments try to arouse the attention of the passerbys. But hardly anyone pays attention to the posters with the dramatic displays which purport to document the plight of alleged fatal victims of psychotronic experiments. ....end 2 In light of the severity of the existential problems prevailing in Russia today, such questions do not appear as important. Psycho-Fascism is the charge made on the poster[s]. The photos show Nikolai Ivanitsch (spelling ???) during several stages of psychotronic treatments which he alleges also left [him with] physical traces. Sometimes one of the older people want to know the details. For the younger [generation] this is a totally strange subject. Basically, only the perpetrators, and perhaps also their victims know more details concerning questionable experiments with/on the human psyches [brain].


Closeup of a computer monitor upon which a harmless appearing film of a Buddhist ceremony is shown]

NARRATOR: This film was produced for demonstration purposes by Russian scientists for top government officials of North Korea. One of those [Russian] scientists was Dr. Smirnov. Today he unveils in our presence the secret of the manipulation. To make it visible in this innocent picture, you have to know the correct [computer] code [of the computer software which encrypted the unseen subliminal message/picture and hid it in the visible picture of the Buddhist temple.]

DR. SMIRNOV: This film was produced in order to demonstrate how to insert a thought, a picture, a suggestion, into a totally different context. Someone who looks at such material will consciously only notice the disguising picture, such as, for example, any given TV show or commercial. In fact, however [at the same time the viewer] also receives a secret information [which is] not accessible to the conscious.

Let me [now] show you the picture which has been inserted by code into this video. [Smirnov punches a code into his computer which makes the picture visible]

DR. SMIRNOV: There it is. [Now we see a photo of U.S. President Bill Clinton with the message: "YANKEE GO HOME !" ]

NARRATOR: We are no longer dealing with a briefly inserted, unencrypted film picture, a technique which had been tested and prohibited years ago in [for] American commercials. The difference [between the older subliminal technique of briefly inserting an unencrypted picture into a commercial and Dr. Smirnov's new technique] is that the [subliminally] encrypted technique demonstrated here is almost impossible to prove.

DR. SMIRNOV: Try to comprehend the danger if this were to be produced by a government-controlled television [station] so that millions of people would be repeatedly exposed to the [subliminal] message for, let's say, each day for at least a month. Slowly but ever so gradually it [the subliminal message] would penetrate the brains.


NARRATOR: The first Russian generation which has come of age without Communism is now confronted with this danger. [This generation] competes for the once forbidden fruits, and in the intoxication of the newly won freedoms doesn't care for any prohibitions or restraints.

[A CLOSE-UP of a Russian Nazi insignia is shown]

This is naturally a fertile ground for modern gurus of different origins. One of them is this man: The militia leader Vijatscheslav Mikhailovitsch Soniko (spelling ???). During the war in Afghanistan he helped pilots to overcome their battle stress.

Today he heads a center for psychophysiology in which members of the Special Forces are being instructed. Here too, they treat the human subconscious. But rather than healing [psychological] illnesses, as Dr. Smirnov [does], this treatment instead seeks to reduce the patients' susceptibility to stress and improve their will to execute orders obediently and consistently, in other words, ruthlessly.

The patient in this top-secret instruction film of the Interior Ministry is a perfectly healthy officer of the Special Forces [shown] here during [his] psychological preparation for Special Missions. This could be regarded as a genuine Zombie Factory. [CLOSE-UP of a computer monitor displaying various rhythms (heart, breathing & perspiration rates, etcetera) as well as of the face of the man undergoing the treatment, hooked up to a variety of electronic devices, and the face of the man now speaking] ...end 3 [THE FACE OF THE MAN NOW SPEAKING]

NARRATOR OF BRAINWASHING OPERATION: There is a feeling of calmness in every conceivable circumstance. In every conceivable situation. In every conceivable circumstance. You will keep your self-control. Your organism will function reliably and solidly. In every circumstance, even in the most difficult. In every muscle, in every cell of your organism you will feel, now and forever, a pleasant clam energy in every single cell. [A video of a drug bust is shown while the treatment continues] This condition will remain with you in every conceivable, difficult situation. Calm self-assurance. Calm self-assurance in even the most difficult situation.

ANOTHER SPEAKER OF THE LABORATORY ADDRESSES THE TV AUDIENCE: I believe if this is done only for good, then even the forces of the Almighty, to the extent that they exist, will not be angry at us with regards to the experiments we conduct, and the methods we are developing which help the human to keep his sanity. [A Member of the laboratory responds to the questions of the interviewer]:

MEMBER OF THE LABORATORY: Up until today we have collected enormous statistical data on more than ten thousand humans, and we never noticed [came across] any cases of negative side-effects.

NARRATOR: In the same archive film, we discover even more evidence dealing with the concern for the psychological health of the human being.

MEMBER OF THE LABORATORY: [The laboratory member explains a drawing of a building complex on a wall] This fantastic experimental-technical development was [conducted/carried out upon] the orders of the [Soviet/Russian] Defense Ministry. This movable complex is a container which is made up of a bioresonance room, a machine room, a hospital room, and a [very] special bio-manual treatment room. With a length of 12 meters, a height of 3 meters, and a width of 3 meters it satisfies the general European standards. This is a transporter which can be put up anywhere, with automatic aircondition. It can be placed on the Northpole or at the equator, wherever you want. INTERVIEWER: And why was especially the military so interested in this ?

MEMBER OF THE LABORATORY: Why the military ? They are investigating the possibilities of rehabilitation of troops under combat conditions [in the field].

CUT TO: [A diagram of numbers and figures flashing on a computer screen is shown]

NARRATOR: What remains of the Russian soul once it has gone through such a container in which a computer programmed for the cleaning of the subconscious changes feelings and human excitements into numbers and [mathematical] diagrams, which can then be "corrected". [A diagram of wavy lines is shown]

This is one of Professor Smirnov's recorded computer displays of a human subconscious, a graphic illustration of the [human] soul. Every one who has access to the computer and knows the [software] program has access to this soul. To rule the [human] souls, one only has to put them into the area of effective vicinity of the apparatus. Or, is there already a method to transmit hidden information over long distances. According to Smirnov [such a method] does exist:

DR. SMIRNOV: You can input a suggestive "equation", a "consciously not noticeable fable", as we like to call it, into every conceivable low-frequency sound, for example, into the background sound you can hear in the telephone, even into the sound of a sledge hammer, not to mention the fact that this can be even more easily done with the radio or pieces of music.

It works like this: [Dr. Smirnov speaks into a microphone which is hooked up to his computer] DR. SMIRNOV: [Into the microphone:] "Attention. Attention. This is Germany. In five minutes, Hitler will be finished." [To the TV audience:] We now have recorded an audio database which can then be played back from the computer. [Dr. Smirnov plays his own voice back: "Attention. Attention. This is Germany. In five minutes, Hitler will be finished."]

There is nothing special about this. But now we change this [audio] database into an undecipherable format. We receive a database which produces a sound. [Dr. Smirnov plays the changed database of his voice back which now sounds only like background noise rushings]. Only the rhythm is the same as that of the originally recorded database, but my words are no longer recognizable, right ?! Still, the brain will not rest until it has decoded [the message].

We too can decode [the message] if we change it back [to its original form]. I have recorded this changed-back database. Now we"ll open it. [Dr. Smirnov does this on the computer]. There it is. Let us listen to it again. [The same rustle-rushing sound is heard]. Yes, there is that sound [again]. And now we'll decode it. Even if my voice will [now] be a little distorted, I hope that it can [still] be recognized. [The recording of Dr. Smirnov's voice is played once more: "Attention. Attention. This is Germany. In five minutes, Hitler will be finished." ]

DR. SMIRNOV (continued): If a great number of people would be exposed to all of this, for example through the TV, or the movie theatres, or radios, then, I believe, that there exists a certain danger for our security.

WE CUT BACK TO THE APARTMENT OF A LITTLE OLD LADY MAN: Again the telephone doesn't work as it is supposed to. It dials all by itself.

NARRATOR: The leader of the "Moscow Zombies" believes [that] the malfunctions of [the problems with] the telephone are due to the effect of a psychotronic generator.

MAN: Veronika was [is located in] the "Middlevar" (spelling ???). Again it is dialling a different number. I wanted to call the "T-kovar" (spelling ???).

OLD WOMAN: And it doesn't dial the number ?

MAN: No, it dials the time announcement, which you called the last time, as if [the numbers] had been stored.

OLD WOMAN And I call the security services of my apartment, but [instead I] receive the time announcement. I try it again and nothing gets dialled.

MAN When I called the T-rkovar yesterday, I got connected to the cemetery.

OLD WOMAN At the cemetery ? So they sent you to [connected you with] the cemetery.

NARRATOR Nikolai Ivanovitsch (spelling ???) pays no rent. He also has no money for food. The old woman, a retired biologist, supports [both] him and herself from her meagre social security proceeds. She does that out of solidarity with the "Zombie"-movement because she has spent many years in the [Stalinistic concentration] camp herself and has basically been persecuted politically for her entire life.

MAN: I just [simply] wanted to tell you that the contact with me can bear various conflicts. Therefore, I always tell you: Talk less.

OLD WOMAN You know this better than I do.

MAN It doesn't necessarily have to come down to a conflict. But it may give [result in] provocations [enmities] and such. It is better not to talk.

NARRATOR: Nobody knows in how many homes in Moscow, or [even] in all of Russia, there are people who up until today are afraid to talk freely. People who are afraid of their own shadow. And nobody knows how many of them are really the victims of dubious [psychological] experiments with [on] the human psyches. And how many are victims of the fear of such manipulations.


DR. SMIRNOV: What, in my opinion correctly, is feared the most in the entire world, is an invasion into the soul. This couldn't be any other way. After all, it is better to lose the body than [to lose] the immortal soul. It is easily conceivable that some Russian "Satan", or, let's say an Iranian or any other [Satan], as long as he owns the appropriate means and finances, can [could] inject himself [intrude] into every conceivable computer network, into every conceivable radio or tv broadcast with relative technological ease, even without disconnecting [any] cables. You can intercept the [radio]waves in the ether and then [subliminally] modulate every conceivable suggestion into it. If this transpires over a long enough time period, it accumulates in the heads of the people. And eventually, they can be artificially manipulated with other additional measurements to do [exactly] that which this perpetrator wants [them to do]. This is why [such technology] is rightfully [correctly] feared.


ANDRE SLEPUCHA: Many who view these pictures might think, this man alleges to have been [psychotronically] treated for fifteen years, yet at the same time his arguments are sufficiently logical and analytical. And for his almost seventy years, he doesn't look so bad. But [the fact is] I have been clinically dead three times, due to the effects of special electronic vibrations, which led to very strong internal bleedings and a great loss of blood.

ANDRE SLEPUCHA (continued): I was simply lucky with the ambulance so that I, as they say, could be saved. And [the] second [reason is] that for at least seven years I have successfully employed these protective measurements which I have demonstrated to you.


NARRATOR: We are driving to the Bolsheia Pirogovka, Russia's oldest psychiatry, the Korsakov clinic. Here is also the Institute for Psycho Technology which Dr. Smirnov founded ten years ago. Since then, more than ten thousand people have contacted him to volunteer for the technique he developed, an operation on the "open subconscious". One of them was also Olga.

OLGA: I took drugs for approximately three years, and tried in the past one and a half years exceedingly to stop. I"ve been in all kinds of [drug abuse] hospitals for rehabilitation [purposes]. But none of the therapies [I tried out] were successful. This [Dr. Smirnov's] treatment applies a medication which does not directly produce hallucinations, but you somehow "see" your subconscious, your own life from beginning to the end. [After completing Dr. Smirnov's treatment (and taking the medication)] I had a genuine feeling that I could not possibly return, as if, although I"m not dying, but nevertheless am removing myself to someplace. The procedure takes only approximately one minute. But it feels like three to four hours. I subjected myself to this treatment about a month and a half ago. And since then, I feel good. I can say that today I feel like a free person, because I can [now] say "no" to the drugs.


NARRATOR: In the clinic of Dr. Smirnov: This narcotized young man also has been a drug addict for four years. Soon he will begin a unique, unbloody operation after which he will wake up cured of his fateful drug addiction. [CLOSE-UP of the patient as he watches a sequence of numbers flashing on a computer screen].

From the computer loudspeakers, coded instructions are intruding into the subconscious of the patient which force him to confront the worst experiences of his life. Therein lies the hidden cause of his drug addiction. The sensations [emotions ?] [the patient experiences] during [this procedure] are so strong that sometimes the heart stops beating. This is the reason for the narcosis and the [presence of] a specialized team of doctors which is able to revive the patient in case of [an] emergency.

The [subliminal] instructions are being encrypted into the sound of the [patient's] heartbeat. The operation lasts only a few minutes. Usually the patient continues to repeat one word which for him has a [personal] key meaning.

PATIENT: Mama. Mama. Mama.

NARRATOR: The subconscious, the soul of the young man, now lies exposed to the surgeon. Only Smirnov practices such procedures on the subconscious today. Sergei's [the patient's] pulse increases to two hundred beats per minute. In this moment, the drug addiction is literally being surgically removed. [A noise of an increasing pulse beat is heard]

NARRATOR Brainwashing per computer ! [The sound of the pulse becomes louder and faster] PATIENT Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama.

DR. SMIRNOV: Finished ?

NARRATOR: Now the pulse frequency decreases again. The "cavity" [hole] created in his subconscious is now being replaced ["filled"] with positive motivation. It [the positive motivation] will help him to live without the [drug] addiction. [The patient sighs and breathes deeply.] One could feel enthusiastic. Would there not be a [rather] disturbing thought: If it is possible to remove "evil" from the soul of a human being, and have it replaced with "good", is this also possible the other way around ? Can anyone in Russia today guarantee that this is never going to happen ?

DR. SMIRNOV: There is a famous bible verse which is [usually] interpreted incorrectly: "I am the Lord." [ alternative translation: "I am the Master."] Everyone assumes automatically that this is a word of God, right ? He is the Lord [Master]. In fact, "I am the Lord [Master]", means "I am God", "She is God", or "They are God". "God", this is the Holy Spirit, this is us.

The general population does not realize this second meaning. And although we psychiatrists operate with relative material objects, computers, programs, semantic structures and such, which can be measured, weighted, and be understood and expressed in numbers, we treat this [Holy] Spirit in a pretty mediocre way. Because this is not something so metaphysical, immaterial and irrational as [was] once thought.

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Documents Proving Reality of Russian Psychotronic Development

A Warning to the World from Russian Psychotronic Researchers

Unclassified FOIA document, courtesy Cheryl Welsh, which is a bulletin circulated among U.S. government agencies reviewing an October 6, 1995 Russian TV news segment titled "Man and Law" on the topic of mind control technology. The images below complement another video produced by German ZDF TV and shown on December 22, 1998.