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-Why Iraq, Why Now? and The Iraq Checklist

About Iraq
littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Questions that Won't Be Asked About Iraq
Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) September 11, 2002
-Logic of war then and now Vladimir Lenin and Friedrich Engels paid special attention to his concept that politics dominates military action and the military. Otto von Bismarck used Clausewitz’s theory of the arms race as the foundation for his 1862 speech before Prussia’s parliament in which he made public the beginning of his “blood and iron” policy. Some scholars have found the root of Adolf Hilter’s ideology in the war philosophy of Clausewitz. In 1951, the U.S. Military Academy published “Clausewitz, Jomini, Schlief-fen,” to explain how Clausewitz’s philosophy formed the base for Bismarck’s and Hilter’s theories.  Despite anti-war protests, the United States began a war on Iraq, saying diplomacy could not remove the Iraqi threat. Bismarck in 1862 said the great questions of the day would not be settled by resolutions and the votes of majorities, but by blood and iron. Joongang Daily
-U.S. allies also have chemical, biological and nuclear weapons holders Boston Globe
-Chaos mars talks on Iraqi self-rule  Shia group boycotts meeting · 12 die in riots in Mosul · Delegates agree to meet again Guardian UK
-Six Gulf States Reject U.S. Accusations Against Syria, Call for End to Threats AP
-Bush's next move It should be Palestine not Damascus Guardian UK
-Turkey: No Evidence Of WMD In Syria Dar Al Hayat
-Franklin Graham creates controversy   Graham gave a television interview calling Islam "a very evil and wicked religion." Beacon
-Christian Groups' Iraq Aid Offer Draws Criticism AP
4/14/2003 -Behind Our Backs By PAUL KRUGMAN As long as the nation is at war, then, it will be hard to get the public to notice what the flagwavers are doing behind our backs. And it just so happens that the "Bush doctrine," which calls for preventive war against countries that may someday pose a threat, offers the possibility of a series of wars against nasty regimes with weak armies. Someday the public will figure all this out. But it may be a very long wait. NY Times
-Ultimate Insiders In December 1983 Donald Rumsfeld was sent to the Middle East as a special envoy in an effort to jump-start the peace process in Lebanon and advance a presidential initiative for peace between Arabs and Israelis. The powerful Bechtel Group in San Francisco, of which Secretary Shultz had been president before joining the Reagan administration, wanted to build an oil pipeline from Iraq to the Jordanian port of Aqaba, near the Red Sea. It was a billion-dollar project and the U.S. government wanted Saddam to sign off on it. It was known by the fall of 1983 that Iraq had used chemical weapons against Iran. That did not prevent the U.S. from pursuing improved relations with Saddam, or curb the enthusiasm for the Aqaba pipeline — a project promoted by a company that had given the Reagan administration not just its secretary of state, but also its secretary of defense, Caspar Weinberger, who had been Bechtel's general counsel... NY Times
-Some see victory extending beyond The fall of Baghdad is a victory not only for the U.S. military but also for a group of foreign policy hard-liners who have realized the first step in an audacious a bold plan to reorder the Arab world and global institutions. The loose-knit group, whose core includes Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, sees the war in Iraq as a model for the world's lone superpower should act: USA Today
-Syria not 'next on list' says Straw BBC
-U.S. Considering Steps Against Syria   "We believe in light of this new environment, they should review their actions and their behavior," said Secretary of State Colin Powel1. He said other nations in the Middle East might want to review past behavior as well, now that Saddam Hussein's government has collapsed AP
-Israel demands US take action against Syria  Before the war against Iraq was launched, members of Israel's rightwing government had been open in expressing their hope that the US would next turn its attention to Syria, saying it harbours anti-Israeli militant groups, and also to Iran, for providing weapons and military support to such groups
-The 'Syria is next' Mideast war scenario Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz has said, after Iraq, "There's got to be a change in Syria as well." Remember, the administration last year declared, in effect, an unprecedented U.S. right to jump in militarily wherever it sees American interests coming into substantial risk -- preventive war at will. Atlanta Journal Constitution
4/13/2003 -The Spoils of War Coverage If cable has taught us anything during "War in Iraq," it is this: battalions of anchors and high-tech correspondents can cover a war 24/7 and still tell us less about what is going on than the mere 27 predigital news hounds who accompanied the American troops landing in Normandy on D-Day. NY Times
-Aftermath: The Bush Doctrine   While President Bush has every right to be pleased by the victory in Iraq, he should not confuse the military achievement for a validation of his doctrine of pre-emptive strikes NY Times
-Nobody Loves a Liberator Honest citizens will hang their heads in shame at what happened to their society. Yet they won't be able to stop themselves from subconsciously blaming their liberators for having forced their country's dirty laundry into such a public display. In Iraq, this may be doubly galling, as its citizens had been told for years that they were symbols of anti-American resistance for the whole Arab world. NY Times
-Congressman questions Iraq work given to Halliburton subsidiary without competition SF Gate
-US arms group heads for Lisbon Directors of one of the world’s largest armament companies are planning on meeting in Lisbon in three weeks time. The American based Carlyle Group is heavily involved in supplying arms to the Coalition forces fighting in the Iraqi war.  The Portugal News has been told by a reliable source that the Carlyle Group meeting in Lisbon will discuss the relationship between the Saudi Binladen Corporation (SBC) and Osama bin Laden. Many US officials claim that the SBC continues to finance his political activities, and has done so for many years. If true, this would place George Bush senior and his colleagues at the Carlyle Group in an embarrassing position. As managers of SBC's financial investments they might well be accused of indirectly aiding and abetting the United States' number one enemy The Newsnet
-US show of force galls Arab world  Egyptians at a Cairo shop watched TV as a statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled in Baghdad Wednesday. Many saw the draping of the US flag on the figure as a humiliation of Arabs. Christian Science Monitor
4/11/2003 -The moral decline of a superpower IHT
-Ivins: Bush offers crooks and warmongers to lead Iraq Daily Camera
-Turn the Other Sheikh Using the New, Improved Sermon Tank  "A very evil and wicked religion" is how Billy Graham's son Franklin described Islam after 9-11. "I believe the Koran teaches violence, not peace," added Franklin Graham, who is one of George W. Bush's favorite theological friends.   Franklin said he had relief workers "poised and ready to roll into Iraq" to help Muslims with the necessities of life, and more important, to start the conversion process to Christianity Village Voice
4/10/2003 -Despite cheering crowds, Army unit sees urban combat in Baghdad SF Gate
-In Search of Horror Weapons NY Times
-Syria now top US target for 'regime change' Telegraph UK
-Iraq is a trial run Chomsky interviewed by Frontline Telegraph UK
-The Last Refuge by Paul Krugman  Last week John Kerry told an audience that "what we need now is not just a regime change in Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but we need a regime change in the United States." Republicans immediately sought to portray this remark as little short of treason. NY Times
-'The Threatening Storm' Warns That an Attack on Iraq Is Dangerous and Necessary By JACK F. MATLOCK JR.  ''The Threatening Storm'' is a timely and important contribution to the current debate. It deserves a wide readership, if only (but not only) because it demolishes certain myths that some proponents of invasion have cultivated. If the Bush administration proceeds to mount an invasion to remove Saddam Hussein without meeting all of the conditions Pollack specifies, only an improbable streak of luck will stave off a more serious terrorist threat to American lives and property. NY Times
-Why the U.N. is relevant  Dr. Carlo Urbani, the World Health Organization doctor whose warnings drew the world's attention to severe acute respiratory syndrome, died after treating a SARS patient in Vietnam. The following address was given at a United Nations memorial service for Dr. Urbani in Hanoi on Tuesday. IHT
-Spoils of War  By BOB HERBERT  Follow the money. Former Secretary of State George Shultz is on the board of directors of the Bechtel Group, the largest contractor in the U.S. and one of the finalists in the competition to land a fat contract to help in the rebuilding of Iraq. He is also the chairman of the advisory board of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, a fiercely pro-war group with close ties to the White House. NY Times
4/6/2003 -Britain admits there may be no WMD's in Iraq Al Jazeera
-Overextended Military Reserves NY Times
-The road the U.S. traveled to Baghdad was paved by 'Scoop' Jackson 65 years Ago  On the way up, Perle gathered his own disciples -- Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith and others who would go on themselves in similar fashion to become key officials in the current administration. Like Perle, who was appointed to chair the administration's influential Defense Policy Board, they're all longtime advocates, years before the Sept. 11 attacks, of pre-emptive American military invasions in Iraq and elsewhere and of implicit, if not open, support for the expansionist and repressive policies of their right-wing counterparts in Israel. By all accounts, their concerted influence was decisive in going to war in Iraq. Seattle PI
4/6/2003 -Viewing the War as a Lesson to the World   Shortly after Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld issued a stark warning to Iran and Syria last week, declaring that any "hostile acts" they committed on behalf of Iraq might prompt severe consequences, one of President Bush's closest aides stepped into the Oval Office to warn him that his unpredictable defense secretary had just raised the specter of a broader confrontation Mr. Bush smiled a moment at the latest example of Mr. Rumsfeld's brazenness, recalled the aide. Then he said one word — "Good" — and went back to work

Several of the hawks outside the administration who pressed for war with Iraq are already moving on to the next step, and perhaps further than the president is ready to go. R. James Woolsey, the former director of central intelligence, said on Wednesday that Iraq was the opening of a "fourth world war," after World War I, World War II and the cold war, and that America's enemies included the religious rulers in Iran, states like Syria and Islamic extremist terrorist groups.

NY Times
4/5/2003 -The War's Dirty Secret: It's About Changing United States, Not Iraq  If you don't earn enough to hit the jackpot on President Bush's proposed tax cuts, you're just going to have to fend for yourself. The whole idea is to train you to expect less and to feel patriotic about it. Truthout
-White House Is Revising Its War Message Washington Post
-Pushing an Agenda, Far From Iraq Rove creates marketing image to re-elect Bush NY Times
-Akamai Cancels a Web-Hosting Contract for Al Jazeera Site NY Times
-How Books Have Shaped U.S. Policy NY Times
-The World's Other Tyrants, Still at Work NY Times
4/3/2003 -Ex-CIA director: U.S. faces 'World War IV'  Former CIA director James Woolsey said Wednesday that the United States is engaged in World War IV, and that it could continue for years. CNN
--Rewards and punishments in the rebuilding of postwar Iraq IHT
-Around the markets: Bush doctrine is risky business IHT
-Iran next on W's list Nukes program will get U.S. attention after Iraq war NY Daily News
-More Than Just a Video Game, but How Close to Reality? NY Times
-Edwin Starr, Soul Singer, Performer of hit WAR, Dies at 61 NY Times
4/2/2003 -Let Us Count the Lies on the Road to War - Bush's Ever Shifting Absolutes Village Voice
-Pamphlets Urge Troops To Pray for President Washington Post
-Assignment America: Rules of estrangement UPI
-Pro-War Media Conglomerate Tries to Take Over New York: Bush's Voice of America Village Voice
-UK Troops Sent Home for Questioning War Truthout
-Conyers Letter to Rumsfeld: Requesting Financial Disclosure from Defense Policy Board Truthout
-Syria offers angry retort to Powell and Rumsfeld remarks IHT
-CNN: Step away from the freedom fries. The U.S./Europe rift could have long-term negative implications for the U.S. economy CNN

An archive of Village Voice articles about what led to the attack on Iraq and daily examinations of the war.

-Defense contractors benefit from war spending $3.7 billion in contracts to replenish weapons used against Iraq Seattle PI
-Warring Tribes, Here and There  By MAUREEN DOWD  One former senior Republican official noted: "The only one who can reach the president is his father. But it is not timely yet to talk to him." This raised the odd specter of the president's being dragged off from running a war and taken to Kennebunkport for a Metternichian outing in the family cigarette boat. Mr. Scowcroft and Mr. Eagleburger could pin W. down while Bar steered and Poppy explained the facts of international life NY Times
-Analysis: Iraq's revenant sons  The exile groups are out of touch with local realities and, as The Washington Times notes, compromised in the eyes of the Iraqis by their extensive contacts with the CIA and the United States, their political amateurism and their all-pervasive venality UPI
4/1/2003 -OFFENSE AND DEFENSE   The battle between Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon. New Yorker
-BBC: Thousands at anti-war rallies BBC
-Scotland: Campaigners step up war protests BBC
-Halliburton subsidiary wins Iraqi oil firefighting contract AFP
3/31/2003 -Bracing for Bush's War at Home Village Voice
-Resignation Letter from U.S. Diplomat Mary Wright Truthout
-Hawks led Bush to expect quick victory, sources say Dallas
-Military Families Unite in Protest Truthout
-Richard Perle has no place on defense panel  Richard Perle's decision to resign as chairman of the Defense Policy Board is correct but it's not enough. He should step down altogether   See Also http://www.newamericancentury.org Seattle PI
-War's Military, Political Goals Begin to Diverge Washington Post
-War Puts Radio Giant on the Defensive  Clear Channel finds itself fending off a new set of accusations: that the company is using its considerable market power to drum up support for the war in Iraq, while muzzling musicians who oppose it. NY Times
3/28/2003 -Anti-war Cry As the war in Iraq continues, many in the U.S. and around the world raise their voices in protest Time.com
-Struggling to win the war while already losing the peace   The propaganda war has now spread from the war to the diplomacy of post-war. It's largely flim-flam, of course. Just as the Pentagon had prepared its war plans for nearly a year before this invasion, so it has prepared its peace plans for almost as long. In the same way that George Bush was prepared to go to the United Nations in the run-up to war so long as it backed his plans, so he is prepared to see the United Nations participate in relief and fundraising for reconstruction so long as it in no way dilutes U.S. control. "He who holds the stick, owns the buffalo," as the old Indian saying has it Seattle PI
-Bush Administration Frustrated by War Doubts Reuters
-Congress Grills Rumsfeld on War Spending Reuters
-Russia Slams U.S. on Iraq, 'Liberation' Claim Yahoo
-The American prime minister  How Blair's Support of U.S. firms up Britain's Leadership in Europe CNN
-Former Pentagon Official Richard Perle resigns as Charman of Key Rumsfeld Advisory Board: Stays on board Truthout
-U.N. Official: Fake Iraq Nuke Papers Were Crude Reuters
-HOME FRONT: United effort strives to help soldiers cope with war's horrors SF Gate
3/26/2003 -Pope Endorses Antiwar Movement Washington Post
-Rumsfeld's strategy under fire as war risks become increasingly apparent Philly
-Democrat Seeks Inquiry on Richard Perle, Bankrupt Firm's Adviser and on the Defense Advisory Board Truthout
-New Debate on Iraq War in House  Democratic Caucus Embroiled "Those of us in the Democratic Party who have been outspoken in opposition to this war can't just be swept up in the president's sort of effort to put a positive spin on his policy," Farr said Common Dreams
-Peace activists complain about police harassment Seattle PI
-Opinions Begin to Shift as Public Weighs War Costs NY Times
-Shifting rules of war -- at home and abroad "War has rules," the U.S. military man with the lizard-lidded gaze told reporters covering the invasion of Iraq. Boy, it's sure easy to say that when you are the top dog making the rules, enforcing the rules and changing the rules as you go along. Seattle PI
3/25/2003 -U.S. Finds Nothing at Iraq Chemical Plant AP
-U.S. under pressure to find banned weapons USA Today
-US plans construction of new 36-million-dollar embassy in Baghdad AFP
-Halliburton subsidiary wins Iraqi oil firefighting contract AFP
-Amy Goodman:  Robert Fisk talks of Washington’s ‘Quagmire’ in Iraq, Civilian Deaths and the Fallacy of Bush’s ‘War of Liberation’ It seems to me that this concentration on whether television should show prisoners or not is a kind of mischief: it’s not the point. The issue, of course, is that both sides are taking prisoners, and that both sides want the other side to know of the prisoners they’ve taken. I watched CNN showing a British soldier forcing a man to kneel on the ground and put his hands up and produce his identity card and I’ve seen other film on British television of prisoners near Um Qasr and Basra being forced to march past a British soldier with their hands in the air. Common Dreams
-Santa Cruz Peace Activist Launches "BuyFrenchNow.com", Counters Pro-War Boycott Of French Products Common Dreams
-Michael Moore: We live in a time where we have fictitious election results that elect a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. Common Dreams
-The Wraps Come Off Bush's Colonialist Agenda   Right-wing hawks have been calling the shots all along Common Dreams
3/23/2003 -Richard Perle's Plunder Blunder NY Times
-On New York's Streets and Across the Nation, Protesters Speak Out NY Times
-U.S. Battles Calls for Emergency UN Session on Iraq NY Times
-Which Companies Will Put Iraq Back Together?  The companies that have been invited to bid on the work include some of the nation's largest and most politically connected construction businesses. Among them are Halliburton, where Vice President Dick Cheney served as chief executive from 1995 until mid-2000; the Bechtel Group, whose ranks have included several Republican cabinet alumni; and Fluor, which has ties to several former top government intelligence and Pentagon procurement officials. NY Times
-The New Agenda: Go It Alone. Remake the World. NY Times
-White House Memo: Delaying Talk About the Cost of War NY Times
3/19/2003 -Media Giant's Pro-War Rally Sponsorship Raises Questions Common Dreams
-A Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush on the Eve of War (How DID our oil get under their country?) Common Dreams
-Germany 1933 - When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History Common Dreams
-Daschle: Bush Diplomacy Fails 'Miserably' Daschle Says Bush Has Failed 'Miserably' in Diplomacy Over Iraq Crisis, Forcing America to War ABC News
-Cassandra Speaks  By Nicholas D. Kristof  New York Times Truthout
3/18/2001 -Saddam rejects Bush ultimatum BBC
-Two cheers for the peacekeepers  Indeed, the anti-U.N. campaign seems just the beginning of a grander conservative project: the scrapping of the old world order--the treaties and institutions that America helped create to stabilize the world after World War II. What on earth has happened to American conservatism? It used to be a reliably dour movement, a sober restraint upon the wishful thinking of mushy-minded liberals. But it has slipped, somehow, from realism to utopian fantasy. CNN
-US to use depleted uranium weapons  A 1995 report from the US Army Environmental Policy Institute, for example, said: "If DU enters the body, it has the potential to generate significant medical consequences." BBC
-Uneasy Cairo awaits war BBC
-US names 'coalition of the willing'   Notice a pattern? What do they lose if they don't acquiesce? Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan. BBC
-Anti-war axis hits back at US Does the scale of the threat from the Iraqi dictator justify the launch of a war that will certainly bring death to thousands?... No BBC
-Protests Planned for Beginning of War Truthout
3/18/2001 -Powell will take the rap for failed diplomacy Guardian UK
3/17/2001 -Bush to give Saddam ultimatum BBC
-Blair: Emergency cabinet meeting called BBC
-I'm An American Tired Of American Lies Woody Harrelson
-Fake Iraq documents 'embarrassing' for U.S. CNN
-Chrétien 'disappointed' Globe & Mail
-Protesters urge anti-war walk-outs BBC
-Loving a Soldier, Hating a War Truthout
-U.N. to Pull Inspectors From Iraq AP
-Humanitarian disaster looms in Kurdistan Globe & Mail
-Dozens of former lawmakers urge holding off on war CNN
3/16/2003 -Bush: Monday 'a moment of truth' on Iraq CNN
-Don’t look back  The growing likelihood of war with Iraq has focused attention on the costs of military intervention to America. War will inevitably be expensive in cash terms. Does history suggest the global economic cost could be even greater? Economist
-Kennedy attacks Azores summit BBC
-Stars sing out against war BBC
-Anger on Iraq Seen as New Qaeda Recruiting Tool NY Times
-Iraq Links Germs for Weapons to U.S. and France NY Times
-Worldwide demonstrations show divided opinions CNN
3/14/2003 -Desert camps far removed from cozy UN Scotsman.com
-Chile proposes Iraq compromise CNN
-Clinton sees British plan as way to avert war CNN
-Democracy Domino Theory 'Not Credible'  A State Department report disputes Bush's claim that ousting Hussein will spur reforms in the Mideast, intelligence officials say. LA Times
-Turkey Outlaws Kurds’ Main Party The move is seen as a preemptive measure aimed at curbing a separatist backlash if the U.S. invades neighboring Iraq. LA Times
-10 arrested at anti-war protest Urging the Bush administration to "wage peace," about 275 people and one golden retriever protested at the Jackson Federal Building in downtown Seattle Thursday. Ten people were arrested when they crossed a police line. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
-Bush, Blair, Aznar to Meet in Azores Islands for Summit Washington Post
-Millions of Spanish Workers Protest War Washington Post
-Pressing the Kurds' Cause, if Not Their Dream Washington Post
3/13/2003 -Howard: Why Iraq must be disarmed CNN
-Russia's oil pipe dreams CNN
-Bush administration solicits bids for Iraq reconstruction  Halliburton, Bechtel & Fluor among bidders CNN
-Time: The poker player in chief Time.com
-Robert Novak: Playing 'Texas poker' CNN
3/12/2003 -Global Candlelight Vigil for Peace: Sunday, March 16 -- 7:00 PM  It appears that the Bush administration will fail to win Security Council support for war, and world public opinion has been a key part of this. Help keep up the pressure by attending, or scheduling, a candlelight vigil on Sunday in your area. MoveOn.org and the Win Without War coalition, together with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many faith-based organizations, are calling for this global vigil -- and we need your help Moveon.org
-I Vant to Be Alone  By MAUREEN DOWD  Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of defense, spoke to the Veterans of Foreign Wars here yesterday and reassured the group that America would have "a formidable coalition" to attack Iraq. "The number of countries involved will be in the substantial double digits," he boasted. Unfortunately, he could not actually name one of the supposed allies. NY Times
-UK outlines Iraq demands BBC
-US ready to fight 'without UK'   US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has sparked diplomatic confusion by suggesting America has alternative plans if the UK decides not to go to war with Iraq. BBC
-BBC: War with Iraq 'could be illegal' BBC
- The Beastie Boys Anti-war Song    Get It Here NY Times
-British Dissent Over an Iraq War Imperils Blair's Political Future NY Times
3/11/2003 -Concerns About The Undecided Six to be Seduced - Guinea, which presides over the Security Council this month, is one of the 15 poorest countries on the planet.  To get Guinea's vote, Washington could promise to close their eyes to the human rights situation   Angola - Oil Contract Blackmail   Mexico - Immigration Agreement Suspended Chili - Free-Trade Agreement Hostage  Cameroon - Bartered Commercial Assistance... Truthout
3/10/2003 -Some Evidence on Iraq Called Fake U.N. Nuclear Inspector Says Documents on Purchases Were Forged Washington Post
-Jimmy Carter: Just War — or a Just War? NY Times
3/8/2003 -NY Times:Let Them Hate as Long as They Fear   By PAUL KRUGMAN NY Times
-CNN Crossfire: Should Weapons Inspectors Get More Time? Interview With Janeane Garofalo CNN
-CNN's Larry King talks to Sen. Robert Byrd: "I'm not in favor of war in Iraq at this point. I don't see Iraq as being directly and imminently an enemy or an attacker or a danger to the United States. Iraq is not an imminent -- an imminent -- I mean, directly ready to attack the United States." CNN
-Complex Ellsberg portrayed in 'Papers'   "It's never been about Vietnam," says Ellsberg. "It's always been about domestic policy: How to stay in office, win the election." No politician could appear to be soft on Communism. No president could let a war be lost on his watch. CNN
-Bush calls for support of U.N. resolution on Iraq CNN
-Blix wants months - and Straw offers 10 days The Guardian, UK
Special Report on the Global Anti-War Movement The Guardian, UK
3/7/2003 -Bush Isolated by Failure to Learn Father's Lesson Truthout
-Why Ousting Saddam Won't Bring Middle East Peace Israel's problem isn't Iraq, says Tony Karon. It's the Palestinians. And they're not fighting for Saddam Time.com
-Is Iraq Sincere or Merely Stalling?  Even U.N. weapons inspectors are uncertain as to what to make of the Baghdad regime's cooperation in recent days. LA Times
-Marchers protest arrest of man for wearing peace T-shirt at Crossgates Mall  Shopper charged after refusing to take off shirt that mall store made for him, bearing slogans "Peace on Earth" and "Give Peace a Chance" NY Times
3/7/2003 -Advisors Warn Bush He Faces "Humiliating" Defeat on UN Resolution Truthout
-A Deepening Fissure The declaration issued today by Germany, Russia and France against war in Iraq now — with its implicit threat of veto — may go down as the loudest "No!" shouted across the Atlantic in a half century or more. NY Times
-Catholics Debating: Back President or Pope on Iraq? NY Times
3/6/2003 -The Worst-Case Scenario Arrives    Whatever comes of the conflict with Iraq, the world will have lost before any fighting begins if the Security Council is ruined as a mechanism for unified international action. NY Times
-ABC Nightline: Back in 1997, a group of mostly Republicans outlined a foreign policy strategy for regime change in Iraq - by force, if necessary. Several of those Republicans now hold key positions in the Bush administration. Some critics ask, Is this a case of democracy in action, or a secretive organization with undue influence? ABC News
3/5/2003 -Powell: U.S. Says Iraq Still Hiding Truth Blix said he saw "real disarmament" in Iraq's destruction of Al Samoud 2 missiles CNS News
-Bush Plan A Bad Prescription NY Times
-God, Satan and the Media NY Times
-Actors Guild Warns Against Blacklisting Newsday
-Jacques Chirac Triumphs in Algiers and Calls for a New Understanding Truthout
-Russia refuses to rule out UN veto Guardian UK
-Man arrested for 'peace' T-shirt CNN
3/4/2003 -Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war Secret document details American plan to bug phones and emails of key Security Council members Observer UK
-Bush Is Undeterred by Opposition to Using Force Against Iraq NY Times
-The World Casts a Critical Eye at Bush's Style of Diplomacy LA Times
-Iraq Says It May Stop Destroying Missiles  Official warns that if Washington won't work through the U.N., Baghdad might keep its rockets for defense. Six more are crushed. LA Times
-Arab Allies of U.S. Have Grip on Protests  "Controlled demonstrations have been allowed," said Daniel Tschirgi, a political scientist at the American University in Cairo. The governments, he said, "wanted to vent some steam." LA Times
3/3/2003 -Albright: Bush Should Hold Off on Iraq AP
-Iranian Brigades Deploy in Kurdish Iraq AP
-U.N.: Iraq destroys more missiles  But official threatens to reverse decision if U.S. moves to war CNN
3/2/2003 -French official: No anti-Americanism in France CNN
-UN Council battle in the balance BBC
-Iraq destroys more missiles BBC
3/1/2003 -Turkey Troops vote declared null  U.S. ships offshore with personnel CNN
3/1/2003 -President Bush States His Iraq War Aims His post-Saddam vision may not convince skeptics, but it signals his intent. That, and hardball horsetrading, may bring along some reluctant allies  Time
3/1/2003 -North: U.S. spying ahead of war CNN
3/1/2003 -Experts fear for Iraq's archaeological treasure CNN
3/1/2003 -Fleischer: AFL-CIO's vote against Iraqi war proves liberal, Democratic links AFL-CIO says White House spokesman's comments 'a shame' CNN
2/28/2003 -Blix: Iraq set to destroy missiles  Russian official says Moscow won't support use of force CNN
2/28/2003 -Pentagon Contradicts General on Iraq Occupation Force's Size CNN
2/25/2003 -Hitler on the Nile  Eisenhower faced a crisis in Egypt similar to today's in Iraq. He effectively chose containment New York Times
2/25/2003 -War for Peace? It Worked in My Country  The liberation of East Timor, with the help of a global peacekeeping force, should be a lesson for how to deal with Iraq. New York Times
2/25/2003 -A trigger for war? New axis of peace throws UN into chaos The Guardian - UK
2/25/2003 -U.S. Warns France in Struggle Over Iraq New York Times
2/25/2003 --The French Lesson: Spreading hate toward a scapegoat to cover Bush's lies New York Times
2/25/2003 -Saddam insists missiles are legal BBC
2/25/2003 -Turkey set to admit 62,000 troops BBC
2/24/2003 -The Eurasia Strategy as the Cold War continues: Control Arab Oil, American control of pipeline, Freeze out Russia IsraelEconomy,org
2/24/2003 -CBS: Saddam challenges Bush to debate CNN
2/24/2003 -Judge rejects lawsuit seeking to bar president from launching war CNN
2/24/2003 -Revealed: 17 British firms armed Saddam with his weapons:   24 from U.S. Sunday Herald
2/23/2003 -Iraq 'still studying' UN demand BBC
2/23/2003 -Iraqi Kurds warn Turkey BBC
-Rumsfeld: Military ready to go if Bush gives order CNN
-Inspectors Call U.S. Tips 'Garbage' CBS
-White House targets mid-March for U.N. vote CNN
-White House advisors looking for a "way out" of war with Iraq Capitol Hil Blue
-Los Angeles Council Adopts Resolution Against Iraq War NY Times
2/21/2003 -Some administration officials expressing misgivings on Iraq Intel agents urged to lie about Iraq Al-Qaeda link SF Chronicle
-U.S. Seeks 9 Votes From U.N. Council to Confront Iraq NY Times
2/20/2003 -Has War Begun? U.S. Teams Already Attempting to Undermine Iraq’s Military Strength ABC News
-Rumsfeld: War 'not inevitable'But 'only time will tell' CNN
-Canada Rules Out Joining Solo U.S. Attack on Iraq Reuters
-U.N. Nations Tell U.S. to Give Peace a Chance Reuters
-Neither Side Yielding in Debate Over War With Iraq NY Times
2/19/2003 -BBC: US presses Turkey on Iraq BBC
2/18/2003 -U.S. has 100,000 troops in Kuwait 'Ready to conduct an operation' CNN
-BBC: US draws up second Iraq resolution
-BBC: Turkey ups stakes on US troops
-People will not decide on war, says Australian Government
-Chirac lashes out at 'new Europe'
-The Bush Warmongers Miss the Bloody Truth: Dying for War
-BBC: Volunteer 'human shields' flock to Iraq
2/16/2003 -BBC: Millions join global anti-war protests
-CNN: Cities jammed in worldwide protest of war in Iraq
-CNN: Aziz: Destroying missiles would be 'unacceptable'
-CNN: Paris protests target Bush, Not U.S.
-Massive antiwar rally in Australia
-Violence at Greek antiwar rally
2/15/2003 -Senator Robert Byrd warns war will be a disaster for the nation
-Huge crowds worldwide protest Iraq war
-Blair: Deposing Saddam 'humane' - Inspectors to get more time
-Suit challenges Bush war authority
-Let the children pay By Mark Shields
2/14/2003 -Massive antiwar protests begin
-Security Council remains divided on Iraqi issue: No WMD Found
-Transcript of weapons inspector's U.N. presentation
-Time.com: Transcript of the "French Suggestion"
-Clinton: 'Follow Blix lead' on Iraq, gain support of Europe
-CIA 'sabotaged inspections and hid weapons details'
-Senator Robert Byrd speaks out in a statement on the Senate Floor
"To contemplate war is to think about the most horrible of human experiences. On this February day, as this nation stands at the brink of battle, every American on some level must be contemplating the horrors of war. Yet, this Chamber is, for the most part, silent -- ominously, dreadfully silent. There is no debate, no discussion, no attempt to lay out for the nation the pros and cons of this particular war. There is nothing.
-Poll Shows Most Want War Delay
2/12/2003 -Rice, Blix Confer On Iraq Briefing
-BBC: Nato studies new Iraq proposals
2/11/2003 -Powell lies to Congress about contents of new bin Laden Tape from Al Jazeera claims tape refers to Al Qaeda "Partnership" with Iraq
-BBC: Nato tries to heal split over Iraq
-BBC: Polls find Europeans oppose Iraq war
2/10/2003 -"Level with us, Mr. President" by Senator Edward Kennedy
-BBC: US fury at European peace plan
-The Sadness of America
-Now, the Essential Question: Is War the Answer?
-Chirac, Putin: No need for war China, Germany Agree
-Time.com: All About The Oil
2/7/2003 -Clinton hopes Saddam will 'come to his senses'
-Bush says "The Game is Over".  French PM says: Iraq crisis is not a game
-Blix says Iraq appears to be 'making an effort'
-UK accused of plagerizing dossier text
2/5/2003 -Powell's US Claim Dismissed by Blix
-Chirac and Blair: the Lukewarm Understanding About Iraq
-Mexico Sides With 'Old Europe' on Iraq
-British Military Leaders Question Mission and Ethics
-Blair: Iraq not linked to bin Laden
2/4/2003 -'Leftover' warhead found in Iraq
1/28/2003 -Iraq largely cooperating with inspectors, UN Security Council hears
-Canada Sides With France, Germany Over Iraq
-Turkish Leader: Bush Could Destroy UN With Attack on Iraq
-Iraq Faces Massive U.S. Missile Barrage: U.S. to Deploy 800 cruise missiles in 48 hours on a population of 5 million in Baghdad.   The Beginning of a new holocaust.
-In Britain, War Concern Grows Into Resentment of U.S. Power: Anxiety Over Attack on Iraq Moves to Political Mainstream
1/23/2003 -Bush confident of international support on Iraq Three permanent Security Council members express doubts
-Kerry blasts Bush Iraq policy
-Search for alliances, criticism of '12,200-page lie': China, France and Germany Oppose War
12/20/2002 Why the U.S. Isn't Rushing to War — Yet
Despite declaring Iraq in "material breach" of the UN disarmament resolution, Washington continues to seek proof that will convince Americans and allies of the need for war 
12/20/2002 Bush: 'A disappointing day' for peace CNN
12/18/2002 Bush to declare Iraq has fallen short CNN
12/12/2002 Iraq report denies nuclear weapons programs Nuclear section includes minute detail CNN
12/12/2002 Time.com:Profiles in Protest - Today's peace activists are drawing support from unlikely sources. Meet the new voices of dissent Time.com
12/12/2002 Dictatorships and Double Standards CNN/Time.com
12/11/2002 View portions of the Iraqi Weapons Declaration CNN
12/11/2002 U.S. warns potential enemies: Retaliation could include nukes CNN
12/10/2002 More than 100 arrested in Iraq antiwar protest Police arrested more than 100 people Tuesday, including ice cream magnate Ben Cohen and Pentagon Papers source Daniel Ellsberg, during one of several demonstrations around the country against a possible U.S. war with Iraq. CNN
12/10/2002 Iraq accuses U.S. of 'blackmail' White House dismisses criticism for obtaining copy of report CNN
12/9/2002 Military officials: Senators predict bipartisan support for war CNN
12/8/2002 Weapons report accurate, says Iraq CNN
12/4/2002 Bush Battles to Control Iraq Script Time.com
12/3/2002 Iraq to make weapons declaration 1 day early CNN
11/29/2002 'Soft start' for Iraq inspections CNN
11/27/2002 Bob Graham: Handle terrorists at home before going to war CNN
11/27/2002 U.N. inspections begin in Iraq CNN
11/27/2002 Bush in Search of an Iraq Posse
The president warns NATO that failure to confront Saddam equals appeasement
11/16/2002 Iraq says U.S.-British airstrike killed 7 civilians CNN
11/14/2002 Why Saddam Blinked (or at Least Winked) Time.com
11/14/2002 Rumsfeld: No World War III in Iraq CNN
11/13/2002 Iraq accepts U.N. resolution; U.K., U.S. skeptical CNN
11/12/2002 U.S. officials: Iraq ordered nerve gas antidote CNN
11/12/2002 U.N. resolution on Iraq 'closer' CNN
11/2/2002 BBC: Cheney delivers new Iraq warning BBC
10/22/2002 Bush to try diplomacy with Iraq again CNN
10/19/2002 Sean Penn takes on Bush over Iraq CNN/Washington Post
10/19/2002 Pentagon to train Saddam's opponents CNN
10/17/2002 Saddam: U.S. policy 'evil' CNN
10/17/2002 Saddam 'wins 100% of Iraqi vote' CNN
10/13/2002 Senate Passess Resolution Giving Bush Authority CNN
10/13/2002 Senator Byrd battles to delay Iraq resolution vote CNN
10/13/2002 House gives Bush authority for war with Iraq CNN
10/6/2002 Mormon church makes anti-war statement CNN
10/13/2002 Protesters oppose U.S. action on Iraq CNN
10/12/2002 Bush Says Daschle Misunderstood... but the GOP Newsletters say otherwise CNN
August 2002 We've been at war with Iraq since August Truthout.com
10/3/2002 France, Germany, Russia, China Agree;
No to U.S. Resolution: Diplomacy Instead
10/3/2002 Bush Rejects Saddam's offer to duel CNN
10/2/2002 George W. Bush might pause and ask himself: "Are the American people really behind me, as I take on Saddam Hussein?" by Garrick Utley CNN
10/2/2002 Congressmen defend trip to Iraq CNN
9/30/2002 Saddam once again on a collision course with U.S. CNN
9/27/2002 Sen. Edward Kennedy Counters Bush on Iraq CNN
9/27/2002 Daschle: More Work Needed on Resolution CNN
9/27/2002 Why U.N. Won't Back Attack CNN
9/25/2002 Daschle Blasts Bush & Cheney for Claiming Democrats aren't concerned about National Security. Must Read! CNN
9/22/2002 U.S. Wants 7 Day Deadline From U.N. CNN

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