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Ohioan Arrested by Israeli Military

[NABLUS] Travis Lee Pugh, a U.S. citizen from Columbus, Ohio, was arrested July 28 by Israeli soldiers and later released. He is in Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement, an organization committed to non-violent  direct action aimed at preventing atrocities being carried out by the  Israeli military.

An Israeli army bulldozer accompanied by an armored personnel carrier today   attempted to dig trenches in the road that leads from the Palestinian city of Nablus to the neighboring village of Salem. This morning international activists and Palestinians worked to remove roadblocks that had been placed by the military on the road to Salem, obstructing Palestinian movement and blocking the delivery of food and water.

Yesterday internationals and local Palestinians successfully removed roadblocks on the road from Nablus to Iraq Bureen, opening the road to Palestinian traffic and much needed water and delivery trucks.Soldiers have blindfolded, handcuffed and thrown in an armored personnel carrier 3 American citizens, Jonathen Mello, Travis Lee Pugh, and David Yee. Other internationals are currently sitting in the road, still trying to block the bulldozer from tearing up the road. All film and cameras from the internationals have been confiscated by Israeli soldiers.Travis stated before leaving for Palestine “We must provide the Palestinians with the resources they need to stop the injustices and create a situation where the rights and lives of all people are protected. As international citizens we are an incredible resource that can build understanding of the Palestinian cause throughout the world, while at the same time, through non-violent direct action, actively prevent the Israeli armed forces from committing crimes against the Palestinians. I am going to Palestine to be that resource.”


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