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The Most Significant Invention for Homeland Security
The All New, All Knowing, All Seeing, Omni-present

All Presidential, All the Time - 24 Hours A Day!

That's right folks, you heard it right -

Presidential TV, the most significant invention ever concocted to ensure Homeland Security.  Given the history of the activities of our Presidents over the last 40 years, this is the one sure way to make certain their actions are legal and ethical at all times... Presidential TV - a governmental policy whose time has come - and best of all, it's all made possible by popular demand! 

Enron energy deals - a thing of the past.  Vice Presidents in hiding?  No problem.  It's Vice-Presidential TV - heavy on the vice, better than "All My Children".

Let's work together to ensure the security of our homeland using the latest digital technology and use it to monitor those who have proven they can not be trusted with absolute power.  Presidential TV.  Check your local listings.

Oh, and we have a theme song - sung to the tune "I'll Be Watching You" by Sting and the Police, on IRS Records & Tapes. (A&M).

I'll Be Watching You

Just the other day, I heard somebody say
The election's fixed and it goes like this
It ain't nothin' new

Well I said just the same, It's an evil game
Folks like me and you putting trust in fools
We share equal blame

I was born free, and I will always be
But my poor heart aches, because you're on the take

Every law you break, every buck you take
Every smile you fake, every lie you make
Will be on my tube

Cause I'll be watching you.

Every law you break, every buck you take
Every smile you fake

I'll be watching you.