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Civil Liberties & the Patriot Acts


4/15/2003 -Senate Passes Version of Religion Initiative NY Times
-ACLU of Florida Demands Recall of State Health Department's Religious AIDS Brochure ACLU
4/14/2003 -Dozens Arrested in U.S. Oil Company Protest The protest against the second largest U.S. oil company drew about 400 people and was the latest in a series of demonstrations in the San Francisco area which have targeted firms demonstrators believe stand to profit from the war.
4/13/2003 -Vanishing Liberties Where's the Press? On March 18, the Associated Press reported that at John Carroll University, in a Cleveland suburb, Justice Antonin Scalia said that "most of the rights you enjoy go way beyond what the Constitution requires" because "the Constitution just sets minimums." Accordingly, in wartime, Scalia emphasized, "the protections will be ratcheted down to the constitutional minimum." Village Voice
4/11/2003 -Court inconsistent on cross-burning and free expression - Justice Clarence Thomas, usually silent during oral arguments before the Supreme Court, spoke sharply during last December's arguments about whether Virginia's 1952 law banning cross burning, which the law stipulates is "prima facie evidence of an intent to intimidate," violates the right of free speech. Thomas, an African American who grew up in Pin Point, Ga., said: "There is no other purpose to the (burning) cross -- no communication, no particular message. It was intended to cause fear and to terrorize a population." Seattle Post Intelligencer
-The Supreme Court and Affirmative Action: Who Decides Who's Black or Hispanic? Village Voice
-Throwing the Book at Us: FBI Snoops at Libraries Village Voice
4/11/2003 -Martha Burk Fights the Battle She's Given at Augusta NY Times
4/8/2003 -The Last Refuge by Paul Krugman  Last week John Kerry told an audience that "what we need now is not just a regime change in Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but we need a regime change in the United States." Republicans immediately sought to portray this remark as little short of treason. NY Times
4/7/2003 -Poulsbo nun convicted as result of protest   A Roman Catholic nun from Poulsbo has been convicted along with two other nuns in federal court in Denver of defacing a missile silo by swinging hammers and painting crosses on it with their blood. Seattle PI
4/5/2003 -Kerry Lashes Out at Republican Criticisms   Says U.S. needs regime change Newsday
4/3/2003 -Oregon Law Would Jail War Protesters as Terrorists
4/2/2003 -Patriot II's attack on citizenship By permitting denationalization based on a person's illegal activities, the Patriot II bill attempts to push the legal rules back toward a time in which Ashcroft and his ilk would feel at home: the McCarthy era. CNN
4/1/2003 -NYTimes: Friends of Affirmative Action NY Times
3/27/2003 -Detention Without End  The case of Jose Padilla Washington Post
3/25/2003 -Santa Cruz Peace Activist Launches "BuyFrenchNow.com", Counters Pro-War Boycott Of French Products Common Dreams
-Michael Moore: We live in a time where we have fictitious election results that elect a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. Common Dreams
3/19/2003 -Kerry says justice system becoming too political JohnKerry.com
3/13/2003 -Librarians try to alter Patriot Act   Santa Cruz warns readers that FBI may spy on them SF Gate
-Scientists develop microchip for brain Chip copies brain section responsible for memory, mood CNN
-Bush calls for ban on judicial filibusters Estrada nomination temporarily pushed aside CNN
-Mark Shields: Like charity, democracy should begin at home CNN
3/11/2003 -NAACP backs women in suit against county Suit says white man's offensive touching was not stopped Seattle PI
-The New Airport Profiling - Are you a No-Fly Suspect, Too? NY Times
-What price liberty lost? Some want to know Cost-benefit analysis may be applied to domestic security Seattle PI
3/10/2003 -Bush's War on Women: Stealth Misogyny  "Don't watch what we say, watch what we do." That Nixon-era maxim perfectly describes George W. Bush's covert campaign against women's rights. Call it stealth misogyny. Village Voice
3/8/2003 -Complex Ellsberg portrayed in 'Papers'   "It's never been about Vietnam," says Ellsberg. "It's always been about domestic policy: How to stay in office, win the election." No politician could appear to be soft on Communism. No president could let a war be lost on his watch. CNN
3/7/2003 -Keep Gays Out Of Military Colin Powell Says
-Top Cops Implicated In Gay Beating Cover-Up
3/6/2003 -Marchers protest arrest of man for wearing peace T-shirt at Crossgates Mall  Shopper charged after refusing to take off shirt that mall store made for him, bearing slogans "Peace on Earth" and "Give Peace a Chance" Times Union
3/5/2003 -Students Ditch Class To Protest War CBS News
-Our rights are free gifts from God - "The Pledge" revisited... again Seattle PI
-Europe Hacker Laws Could Make Protest a Crime NY Times
3/4/2003 -Actors Guild Warns Against Blacklisting Newsday
-Man arrested for 'peace' T-shirt CNN
3/1/2003 -Ashcroft Out of Control   Ominous Sequel to USA Patriot Act Village Voice
3/3/2003 -Pledge ban set for March 10 in nine states CNN
-6/27/2002 - Senators call Pledge decision 'stupid' CNN
3/2/2003 -Air Force unlikely to reopen criminal cases in assaults  Roche: Investigation will produce 'constructive criticism' CNN
-AFL-CIO vents its anger at Bush after Chao chastisement Detroit Free Press
-Americans Have a Cool Debate About a Hot-Button Topic George Bush took a page from the Jesse Helms playbook when the administration filed a Supreme Court brief condemning affirmative action at the University of Michigan and tried to mislead Americans into believing that Michigan has a quota system that systematically discriminates against nonblack applicants NY Times
2/28/2003 -Detective: Author given access to Blake investigation CNN
-Washington: Cruelty of slave trade shown at Smithsonian CNN
-Bill Moyers on Patriotism and the American Flag PBS
3/1/2003 -ACLU Declares its concerns over airline ID system that may prevent you from flying, discloses credit and personal information, creates blacklist ACLU
-Governor: Jimmy Carter to guide debate on Georgia flag CNN
-Appeals court refuses to reconsider Pledge of Allegiance decision  "Under God" still unconstitutional CNN
2/21/2003 -Spinning AIDS: The Bush Plan is dependent on accepting Pro-Life Policy policy Washington Post
2/24 -Murder suspect in court linked to MLK plot CNN
2/21/2003 -Plan to block porn sites sparks outrage CNN
-GAO: Justice Dept. Inflated Terror Cases Washington Post
-Bush administration likely to defend awkward affirmative action stance CNN
2/20/2003 -The Million Modem March February 26th   Join the March CNN
2/19/2003 -Police scandal costs Oakland $10.9 million City officials have agreed to pay $10.9 million and implement reforms to settle a series of civil rights lawsuits involving a band of rogue police officers who allegedly beat suspects and planted drugs on innocent people CNN
-Supreme Court urged to restrict spying powers CNN
2/18/2003 -Bush talking more about religion 'Faith to solve the nation's deepest problems' CNN
-Anti-Bush T-shirt banned at Michigan school CNN
2/17/2003 -Former military officers file brief supporting affirmative action CNN
2/15/2003 -NY Times: Gay Couples Pop Big Question, but the States' Reply Is the Same NY Times
-NY Times: The Cost of Slavery
-Democrats: Bush tax cuts favor rich, hurt minorities CNN
2/14/2003 -Republicans push school voucher bill CNN
-Democrats stake out their position on homeland security CNN
-ABCNews: False Alarm? Terror Alert Partly Based on Fabricated Information... again ABC News
-House Endorses Stricter Work Rules for Poor NY Times
2/12/2003 -Congressional Letter to Ashcroft: Objection to USA Patriot Act 2 Truthout
2/10/2003 -House Dems demand explanation on anti-terror law CNN
2/8/2003 -New Patriot Act Anti-Terror Bill: Critics Cry Foul CBS News
-Retrospect: Study: Schools becoming more segregated CNN
1/22/2003 -Bush calls for protection of 'children waiting to be born' CNN
1/21/2003 -Census bureau: Hispanics largest U.S. minority CNN
-High court sets April 1 for affirmative action arguments
-Disinformation, Inc - Bush formalizes Office of Global Communications CNN
1/20/2003 -Time.com: Look Away, Dixieland Bush may have rebuked Lott for his praise of Strom Thurmond, but the President recently revived a practice of paying homage to an even greater champion of the Confederacy Time
-How affirmative action helped George W. CNN
1/19/2003 -Powell defends affirmative action Says race should be a factor in college admissions CNN
-Chesterfield, Va.  School district elects to open on King Day CNN
-Judge may scrap Chicago school desegregation plan CNN
1/18/2003 -Missouri Protesters Demand That State Let Confederate Flag Fly CNN
1/17/2003 -Conyers on Bush Affirmative Action Decision Truthout
-'Big Brother' Is No Longer a Fiction, ACLU Warns in Report More: ACLU Report ACLU
-Martin Luther King; His Contributions to America Time
1/11/2003 -Thousands support Somalis in Maine rally: response to a smaller white supremacist demonstration CNN
1/9/2003 -Former N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Says Bush is Guilty of Class Warfare Truthout
-Bush renominates Pickering as federal judge CNN
1/7/2003 -Bush announces economic program: says double-taxation is wrong CNN
-House weakens ethics rules CNN
1/6/2003 -Erasing Trent Lott's legacy CNN
12/26/2002 -Making sense of Thomas' cross burning remarks and First Amendment law CNN
12/26/2002 -Black Americans to press Frist, GOP on race CNN
-The governors' hard winter - 'Shortfalls will be plentiful in the upcoming year' CNN
-Democrats fight for Hispanic voters CNN
12/22/2003 Lott blames himself for falling into enemies' 'trap' - "When you're from Mississippi and you're a conservative and you're a Christian, there are a lot of people that don't like that. I fell into their trap and so I have only myself to blame." CNN
Time.com: Time's Persons of the Year: The Full Story of the Whistle-Blowers Time
Cities crack down on panhandling CNN
U.S. fixing 'Southern bias' at battlefields CNN
12/19/2002 Clinton calls GOP 'hypocritical' on Lott CNN
Right to Life executive charged with intercepting messages CNN

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