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The Economy & Taxes


4/27/03 -Jobless and Hopeless, Many Quit the Labor Force  As the nation enters a third year of difficult economic times, these unemployed — from factory workers to investment bankers — have dropped out of the labor force and entered the invisible ranks of people not counted in the unemployment rate. NY Times
-Does a Dollar a Day Keep Poverty Away? NY Times
4/24/03 -Homeless for a night Berkeley mayor keeps promise, sleeps with city's down-and-out SF Gate
-The Bush Tax Reform Plan: Greener Pastures vs. the Road to Perdition Wharton College
-Job-Seeking Teens Feel Brunt of Economy AP
-Changing times may hit unemployment benefits Political momentum is quietly building for an overhaul of the state's unemployment insurance system for the first time in 20 years -- dramatically restructuring how businesses are taxed and which workers qualify. Tens of thousands of people could possibly be cut off from benefits Seattle PI
-EU slaps 33% tariff on Hynix memory chips Joongang Daily
-OPEC weighs 'all options' to avoid postwar glut IHT
4/23/03 -Housing prices reach new high Sales drop from a year ago, but experts don't foresee crash SF Gate
-Bill Moyers on Privatizing Democracy America's corporate and political elites now form a regime of their own, and they are privatizing democracy.  All the benefits - the tax cuts, policies, and rewards - flow in one direction - up. Truthout
4/22/03 -Hard times hit charities, too Christian Science Monitor
-Jobs, Jobs, Jobs By PAUL KRUGMAN  The average American worker earns only about $40,000 per year; why does the administration, even on its own estimates, need to offer $500,000 in tax cuts for each job created? If it's all about jobs, wouldn't it be far cheaper just to have the government hire people? Franklin Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration put the unemployed to work doing all kinds of useful things; why not do something similar now? (Hint: this would be a good time to do something serious, finally, about port security.) New York Times
-Furious, American's Unions Talk of New Votes NY Times
4/18/03 -Federal deficit running nearly twice last year's pace   The government ran up a deficit of $252.6 billion in the first six months of the 2003 budget year, nearly twice the total for the same period a year earlier. The latest figures, released Friday by the Treasury Department, highlighted the government's deteriorating fiscal situation. Record deficits are forecast this year and next. Boston Globe
-N.Y.S.E. Traders Investigated NY Times
-Disclosure of executive perks puts American Airlines agreement in doubt Kansas City Star
-The Economist: A post-war pot of gold  There has been talk that a new American-backed administration in Iraq might try to revoke contracts entered into under the Saddam regime. However, that would fly in the face of international commercial law. But, a new government could argue that such agreements were merely preliminary, rather than full contracts. If America has its way, Iraq’s interim administration will do just that. The Economist
4/16/03 -Bush Lowers Goal of Tax Cut Plan in a Concession NY Times
-The Home-Front War on Taxes NY Times
4/15/03 -Alternative tax sneaking up on millions in US  Though both Congress and the administration agree that the schedule for paying the alternative tax should be addressed, neither is expected to initiate corrective legislation in the near future because it would cost the government hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenues Boston Globe
4/15/03 -US fines sanction busting companies BBC
-After months off money trail, president to raise funds for GOP Boston Globe
4/14/03 -Dozens Arrested in U.S. Oil Company Protest The protest against the second largest U.S. oil company drew about 400 people and was the latest in a series of demonstrations in the San Francisco area which have targeted firms demonstrators believe stand to profit from the war.
-Poll Finds Opposition to More Tax Cuts AP
-AOL-TW Execs Accused of Insider Trading
4/11/03 -A trade fight costs too much French bashing may be a good way to express frustration. But it's horrible government policy. Unfortunately, Congress' freedom-fries fun didn't let off enough steam for members of the House of Representatives. A week ago, the House approved a motion by Spokane's Republican Rep. George Nethercutt to punish France and several other countries economically for their opposition to the war in Iraq. The amendment introduced by Nethercutt and Rep. Mark Kennedy, R-Minn., targets French, German, Russian and Syrian companies. Seattle PI
-A Plan to Recalculate Pensions: Corporations would find billions of dollars of pension shortfalls eliminated overnight under a proposal being prepared to address a longstanding issue in pension accounting. NY Times
-Retrospect: 1993 It's (Not) the Economy, Stupid Bill Clinton was elected on an untenable premise: that it is the job of the President to manage the economy. Yes, that is what we have come to expect of Presidents; but this expectation, the author argues, is punishingly at variance with anything any President can credibly deliver by Charles R. Morris The Atlantic Online
4/10/03 -Rending Pork From the War Bill   John McCain, the Senate's pork-sniffing watchdog, is demanding to know what extra millions for South Pole research can possibly contribute to the hunt for Osama bin Laden NY Times
4/3/03 -Nontariff trade barriers are growing, U.S. report asserts IHT
-The Budget Fight Is Now NY Times
-Smoking out the Fed : Friday's March jobs report might be ugly enough to inspire another central bank rate cut. CNN
-Jobless claims soar  New claims jump to 445,000, well above forecasts, showing more job market weakness. CNN
4/2/03 -Economist predicts world recession  Morgan Stanley economist cites SARS, war uncertainties as the main causes for pending recession CNN
-What the world needs now ... is more than just love to help avert what could be a nasty worldwide recession. CNN
-Calif. Budget/Public Health Crisis a Harbinger Seattle PI
4/1/03 -Northwest airlines cuts 4,900 jobs BBC
-Mass Layoffs Threatened for Teachers in California NY Times
-Global AIDS Bill Hits Snag in Congress   In trying to agree on how to spend the billions of dollars President Bush   promised for a global fight against AIDS, Congress can't get past the basic questions like whether it's more important to advise people to abstain from sex or to give them condoms. AP
3/28/03 -California Energy Market Manipulated by Enron, Regulators Say LA Times
-Sluggish Economy May Be Headed for New Recession AP
-Some win, some lose in proposed overtime rules Seattle PI
3/26/03 -Senate Votes to Slash Bush's Tax Cut Plan Truthout
3/17/03 -Republican House moderates revolt over GOP budget Fight over spending and tax cuts CNN
3/15/03 -How Tax Cuts Trickle Down NY Times
-Dems: Bush, GOP need to fix U.S. economy  "What have President Bush and Congressional Republicans proposed to do about these problems? The elimination of taxes on corporate dividends. Yes, that's their response," Matsui said. "So who benefits from this tax cut? Well, those earning $1 million or more a year would receive an average tax cut of $27,000 a year. CNN
-Bush Pushes Plan to Curb Medicare Appeals NY Times
-Cheney is still paid by Pentagon contractor Halliburton Guardian, UK
3/13/03 -Developer Gets Rent-Free Deal on Federal Land NY Times
-U.S. jobs jumping ship Cheap offshore labor is not just for manufacturing any more -- is your job heading overseas, too? CNN
-Medi “Don’t” Care; Medi “Can’t Get Paid” from The Daily Enron The Daily Enron
3/11/03 -A Fiscal Train Wreck  By PAUL KRUGMAN NY Times
-GOP Lawmakers Say Gas Tax May Be Needed
3/8/03 -Picture This: The Economy Under George Bush
-Democrats: States bearing brunt of U.S. security costs CNN
3/7/03 -Massive deficits projected for Bush budget  Figures exclude possible war with Iraq CNN
3/7/03 -U.S. Payrolls Fall Sharply as Jobless Rate Rises to 5.8% NY Times
3/5/03 -U.S. Deficit Seen as Rising Fast NY Times
-Bush Medicare Proposal Urges Switch to Private Insurers NY Times
3/4/03 -Medical malpractice bill would trample juries’ rights, Libertarians say
3/3/03 -Going to war for the economy CNN
3/2/04 -Democrats: Bush tax plan fails to help economy  "Our economy is in a hole, but rather than looking for a ladder, the president is reaching for a bigger shovel."  -- Sen. Patty Murray, D-Washington CNN
-No Relief in Sight By PAUL KRUGMAN So Glenn Hubbard has resigned as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers — to spend more time with his family, of course. (Pay no attention to the knife handles protruding from his back.) Gregory Mankiw, his successor, is a very good economist, but never mind: When the political apparatchiks who make all decisions in this administration want Mr. Mankiw's opinion, they'll tell Mr. Mankiw what it is... NY Times
3/1/03 -Tight U.S. Job Market Adds to Jitters Among Consumers NY Times
-Timber industry benefits from Bush forest policy CNN
-CNN Special Report: Oil Shock 2003
-A Salesman for Bush's Tax Plan Who Has Belittled Similar Ideas NY Times
2/28/03 -White House reworks Medicare Rx drug plan CNN
-Nobel-Winning Economists Assail Bush Tax Scheme
2/22/03 -Bush Cited Economic Report Supporting Tax Breaks That Doesn't Exist Newsday
2/23/03 -Governors, Hurting Financially, Ask Washington for Assistance NY Times
-Enron: under cover of dark and the war Daily Times
2/18/03 -Study sees room for 30 percent cut in Medicare costs CNN
2/21/03 -Data Paint Worse-Than-Expected Economic Picture Reuters
-The World Bank, IMF and South America Greg Palast
2/19/03 -Congress, Bush Administration In Disagreement Over AIDS Bill, Percentage of Funding for Global Fund Kaiser Network
2/15/03 -Democrats: Bush tax cuts favor rich, hurt minorities CNN
-Greenspan's words could put brakes on tax proposal CNN
2/13/03 -U.S. Congress clears massive federal spending bill CNN
-Wall St. Firms Are Faulted in Report on Enron's Taxes NY Times
2/11/03 -Warning of growing budget deficits, Fed chairman undercuts Bush, GOP arguments for tax cuts CNN
-Bush Budget to Run Up Record Deficits NY Times
2/3/03 -Bush budget projects record deficits CNN
1/23/03 -Mayors: Cities need billions in aid CNN
-'Made in China' labels hidden at Bush event CNN
1/17/03 -Bill Gates' big dividend payday: $99.5 million - Bush administration's proposal last week to eliminate the federal dividend tax was "just coincidental in timing." CNN
1/19/03 -Bush pitches tax plan as boon to small business CNN
1/12/03 -Is jobs report as bad as it looks? CNN
-Is Bush's economic plan geared to the rich? CNN
-Economic plan debate takes to airwaves CNN
1/8/03 -OPEC to raise daily oil output CNN
-War's Cost May Dwarf Stimulus Effect Truthout
-Alcoa misses 4Q estimates - 8,000 jobs to be cut CNN
-Health costs zoom to decade-high rates CNN
1/7/03 -Bush announces economic program: says double-taxation is wrong CNN
1/4/03 -Democrats to release stimulus plan CNN
1/3/03 -Uncle Sam giveth, states taketh away CNN
-Economy debate heads to the Hill CNN
12/31/02 -Washington mulls how to stimulate economy CNN
12/27/02 -How much for this town? "Fixer-upper" California community "Bridgeville" sells for almost $2M after sellers put it up for bid on eBay. CNN
-750 Thousand of jobless workers losing benefits CNN
12/26/02 -The governors' hard winter - 'Shortfalls will be plentiful in the upcoming year' CNN
12/22/02 Robert Novak: Bush's new salesmen CNN
6/7/2002 Bush Seeks Eradication of Estate Tax Sandra Sobieraj, Associated Press Writer

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