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"'Secrecy and shame' are first cousins, a former priest and psychologist tells me. 'People stay as sick as their secrets are, and institutions stay as sick as their secrets are.'"  -  Maureen Orth, in Vanity Fair, August 2002

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littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Flashback! Read excerpts of Pres. George H.W. Bush's (Sr) 1991 New World Order State of the Union Address.  Is it Deja Vu or facade?


The REAL Bush Doctrine


From Hitler To Saddam Hussein to Osama bin Laden - Insider Connections and the Bush Family’s Partnership with Killers of Americans

Michael C. Ruppert - From the Wilderness
Must Read!
11/19/2001 Bill Moyers Says... Which America Will We Be Now?

8/14/2002 Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision Attorney general shows himself as a menace to liberty. Jonathan Turley professor of constitutional law at George Washington University.
Published on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 in the Los Angeles Times
8/2/2002 Worldcom Chief Says He Will Tell All BBC
8/1/2002 Iraqi opposition leaders to meet in Iran By MODHER AMIN - UPI
7/31/2002 Bush, Cheney under fire over offshore subsidiaries Reuters
Life Lessons  - Life (along with politics, the market and the economy) is a great teacher of humility.
Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs Moneyline
7/31/2002 Senators: Bush could undercut whistleblowers Kelly Wallace CNN Washington Bureau
7/31/2002 Man suspected of selling IDs to hijackers CNN Justice Correspondent Kelli Arena and New York producers Phil Hirschkorn and Adam Reiss contributed to this story.
7/31/2002 EU criticizes US aid targets  for failing to make progress and warned that next month's Earth Summit in South Africa is "in danger of turning into a talking shop." Gareth Harding, UPI Europe Correspondent
7/31/2002 UPI's Capitol Comments United Press International
7/30/2002 8 Years After Invasion, Haiti Squalor Worsens DAVID GONZALEZ  New York Times
7/30/2002 Footing the Bill for War - It's hard to know what strategy the Bush Adminsitration will use, but it's bound to be expensive. Wolf Blitzer CNN Wolf Blitzer Reports -Click on his name for comprehensive reports on  every aspect.
7/30/2002 Remarks by the President on Faith-Based Welfare Initiative www.whitehouse.gov
 7/31/2002 The SEC's new edict requiring execs to sign off on their books won't amount to much. By Adam Lashinsky, CNN/Money Contributing Columnist
7/29/2002 Stocks fall on concerns over economy UPI
7/29/2002 Venezuela and South American integration OWAIN JOHNSON, UPI Business Correspondent
7/29/2002 A Failure of Democracy, Not Capitalism Benjamin R. Barber - New York Times


U.S. Government Doesn't Trust Americans Josef  Farah www.WorldNetDaily.com
7/17/2002 Bush Shatters Fund - Raising Record New York Times
7/17/2002 House Panel Mulls Bush Security Plan Associated Press | New York Times
7/16/2002 Steps to Wealth - (The Rise of   Dubya's Fortunes) Paul Krugman - New York Times
7/14/2002 Why US Press Didn't Give Bush a Burning
The papers knew about Dubya's deals in 2000. Strangely, they kept quiet
Harold Evans The Guardian   The Observer
7/13/2002 Does Jerry Falwell Endorse Preaching Hate and Classism? CNN

The Insider Game

"Mr. Bush is not a real reformer; he just plays one on TV."

PAUL KRUGMAN - New York Times
6/11/2002 Patriotism and Religion Jennifer Van Bergen t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Commentary: Planet Jerry Falwell - What the face of Bush's idea of  faith-based organizations look like, and where your tax money will go.

Cyra McFadden - UPI
7/9/2002 Bush defends decision on NAACP convention. "We knew he was in the oil business -- we just didn't know it was snake oil."  says Julian Bond KATHY A. GAMBRELL, UPI White House Reporter
7/10/2002 A Decade Later New Videotaped Beating by LA Police Sparks Outrage Inglewood: Protesters at City Hall decry brutality. Mayor says teen's civil rights were violated. BETH SHUSTER and NORA ZAMICHOW  LA Times Staff Writers Go To Original

MSNBC Defends Police in beating of 16 year old Black Teen in Southern California

Announcers question motives of the man who caught the police crime on video tape
7/7/2002 Freedom Under Fire - The speech that bothered Chris Matthews & George Bush Julian Bond, Chairman, NAACP
7/7/2002 Anthrax Lethargy -  Reader expresses dismay at cover-up of the truth behind the anthrax attacks. New York Times Op-Ed ROBERT JERESKI, director of the New York Coalition for Public Safety.
7/4/2002 Protesters' concerns linger after graduation ceremony and Turn Your Back On Bush
See what you'll be arrested for when you do.
The Lantern
7/3/2002 Anthrax? The F.B.I. Yawns NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF, New York Times Editorial
7/2/2002 Bush Backs Religious Charity and a Shaky Incumbent ELISABETH BUMILLER New York Times

Lawmakers chide Bush administration for secrecy in wide range of cases

MELISSA B. ROBINSON Associated Press Writer
6/24/2002 Judge Rules "Unconstitutional" Key Provisions of PATRIOT Act Greg Winter Miami Herald | New York Times Service
6/22/2002 Source: Mailed anthrax was not old Kelli Arena, CNN Washington Bureau
6/21/2002 Daschle: Bush AIDS spending 'too little too late' Associated Press/CNN
6/17/2002 Presidential Powers In Times Of Emergency: Could Terrorism Result In A Constitutional Dictator? Presidents Create Their Own Emergency Powers By John W. Dean - Findlaw.com. John Dean was former White House Counsel to Richard Nixon - The Watergate Whistle-Blower
6/14/2002 F-35 JSF Brings Dutch Defense, Industry Officials to Texas FORT WORTH, Texas -PRNewswire
6/8/2002 FBI, CIA, Reagan Illegally Subverted Dissent at Berkeley by The Associated Press | New York Times Go To Original
Go To San Francisco Chronicle Story :
Reagan, Hoover and the UC Red Scare


Commentary: Bush & the Reversal of Alliances

James B. Chapin UPI National Political Analyst
5/28/2002 DOJ discloses unusual three-month delay in notifying reporter that his phone records had been subpoenaed PETE YOST Associated Press Writer
If the Bush administration wins a precedent for secrecy, Congress' authority to oversee future administrations will be severely weakened, Burton said. In the Boston matter, there may be more innocent people still in jail because of "rogue FBI agents," he said.
5/29/2002 Bismarck's Lessons for Bush Josee Joffe, New York Times


US and Russia Sign Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty


US and Russia Joint Declaration
1/23/2002 US anthrax attackers aimed to assassinate Democratic leaders. Media silent on military links Jerry White, WSWS
6/12/2000 Bush's Crucial Constituencies Chuck Raasch covers politics and national affairs for Gannett News Service

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