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Handbook for Protests,
Demonstrations & Focused Communications


Take Action



Conduct & Intent - Non Violent Verbal and Physical Communication
2. It's about EDUCATION, Education, education....
3. Speaking Points - Perception is Reality


Electronic Activism - What you can do in a few minutes
Write to Your Representatives
Write to Your Newspapers
Alter Chat Room Discussions - GoPac does not have an exclusive


Participate in Talk Radio - Republicans Do It Best
Television eMail


There are are incredible number of ways to change the course of governmental policy, and shaping the policies of globalization.  They include protests and marches, bumper stickers and t-shirts, participation in radio talks shows and internet chat rooms, submitting editorial materials to publications, and organizing like groups to support non-violent action that will cause a revolution of Democratic Fundamentalism.

We call it WWIII, because we believe it is primarily an economic war that empowers corporations to replace government by proxy, and to manage economic and sociological policy as a planned resource, not the free market economy we are told exists.   For example, why would you need government sponsored health care when an insurance company will do it, and take the political heat and massive profits, for you?

The world is at war over Keynesian vs Hayek economic philosophies - differences that determine who will be the beneficiaries of the outcome, differences that empower citizens or totalitarianism. Will it be corporations and the corporate military regime, or will the people reject it once again, as we did during the Vietnam War?  That is what is going on, that's what's at stake.

In each philosophy, war is just one more element of the economic equation.   The only question is when.  Only the people who own the system can supply the answer.  We are not those people.

Bill Clinton went along with globalization, but undermined the Hayek & tri-lateralist revolution with his deficit reductions, a policy that would have been continued by Al Gore.

The purpose of this handbook is to express the intent of our protests and demonstrations, discuss simple legal issues, as well as how to best use our time to awaken the giant - the citizens of the United States - and impact the integrity of our government in implementing Democracy.

If you have information or can provide links to information relevant to this handbook, please send them to handbook at democraticfundamentalism.org   . We are interested in information that will provide a balanced discussion of the facts, and be useful. Resources in this handbook are expected to increase rapidly and extensively.


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