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Country Newspaper Name
The Afghan Daily
World Photos - News of Afghanistan
The Daily Star - Check out the business section
The Irish Times
Eilat in English - provides local news, events, and travel resource information.
Gamla - news and commentary on the political issues of the Middle East.
Globes - Israel's Business Arena - daily news, stocks and markets, Israel's high tech, Middle East news, and general info.
Ha'aretz Daily Newspaper - independent daily. Liberal outlook.
Israel Insider - independent, nonpartisan online publication that aims to provide an inside perspective on the latest news, analysis, and commentary from and about Israel.
Jerusalem Christian Review - reports recent discoveries in the Holy Land.
Jerusalem Post - Israel's English-language newspaper.
Kolisrael.com -  Live news from Israel and the Middle East
Israel News.net -  The latest headlines from Israel, world news and markets
  Middle East Region
Arab Datanet - Online business magazine of the Middle East.
Pakistan Daily News
World Photos - News of Afghanistan
Jerusalem Times - independent Palestinian weekly newspaper.
Palestine Report - Claims to be Palestine's Only Independent News Digest"
Palestine Times  - monthly English-language political newspaper from a Palestinian perspective
  Saudi Arabian
Arab News.com - Saudi Arabia's First English Daily. Fascinating.
  United Kingdom
The Times Online
  United States
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Boston Globe
Christian Science Monitor
Los Angeles Times
Miami Herald
New York Times
San Jose Mercury-News
San Francisco Chronicle
Seatlle Post-Intelligencer
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
The World Press - News reports as published around the world

Associated Press
Up to the Minute News

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