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What Is Democratic Fundamentalism and The REAL Bush Doctrine

Anthrax Lethargy
A New York Times Op-Ed

by ROBERT JERESKI, director of the New York Coalition for Public Safety.

To the Editor:

Nicholas D. Kristof raises serious questions about the F.B.I.'s investigation of the post-Sept. 11 anthrax attacks ("Anthrax? The F.B.I. Yawns," column, July 2). He identifies a likely motivation of the lead suspect as wanting "to help America by raising preparedness against biological attacks in the future."

Given that this suspect is a member of our bio-defense establishment, what Mr. Kristof considers the F.B.I.'s "lackadaisical ineptitude" appears more like the old boys' network protecting itself.

The appearance of a cover-up of one government employee's crimes by the agency charged with investigating those crimes should be investigated. Congress should also pursue legislation that would nurture a citizenry more capable of assuming responsibility as a watchdog against such threats.  

New York, July 3, 2002
The writer is director of the New York Coalition for Public Safety.

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